This week  I’m back home in Italy with my boys. (That’s a fiance and 2 dogs if you didn’t know)

It’s been a delight to return to them after a couple of weeks away visiting family, hosting a retreat and rebrand celebration in London.

My friends couldn’t believe that I was cancelling our date in London at the Ritz to instead return to domesticity….

But my soul was calling me home.

What I’m noticing more and more is just that deep level of contentment for life and flow that emerges when we follow those wisdom calls.

They might not make sense to the world or our career goals.

But a real simplicity and flow opens up when we do what we are moved to rather than what we think we should.

For me whether it’ enjoying a quiet moment over a cup of tea in the afternoon, rather than mastering Facebook Ads….


Simply chatting with an old friend on the phone (I’ve started calling people instead of messaging, so much more graceful) rather than absorbing more online information….


Getting my creative juices flowing by cooking a delicious pasta dish, yes pasta!

Life feels richer and more in flow.


In the past I would have assumed Italy was making me feel this easy, happy way and whilst it is a slower pace than London, I’ve come to see that feeling is always a reflection of our state of mind.

As we live in wisdom more, as we prioritise cultivating that, our internal and external world slows down.

And when that happens we live in flow, we don’t make mistakes that come from urgent, rushed and insecure places.

Who knew we had that much control?!

So, if today you’re “shoulding” yourself for not doing what you think you should….


If you find yourself confused by doing something that has no relevance to your ultimate goals…..


Remember wisdom doesn’t judge!

She’s trying to get you back to flow.

As we follow her call and refuse to judge, we not only feel better but we experience a richer more graceful world.

Enjoy Your Life,


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