We had a good birthday, thanks for all your well wishes friends.❤️
I felt Francesco with me all day.
For the first time ever gifts and cards arrived on time from around the world and as far away as Hawaii.
I’m sure he orchestrated the timing of all because Poste Italiana just isn’t that accurate.
As a family we had pizza together to celebrate and sat at the table sharing stories.
The story of uncle Mimmo’s boat came to me.
One summer when visiting Taranto, Francesco & his cousin Roberto insisted I come with them for a trip on uncle Mimmo’s boat.
I’ve never been into boats and was reluctant but Fran loved the sea and they assured me this was a fabulous boat, that I’d be so comfortable, able to sub bathe , there’d even be Prosecco on board.
Feeling reassured that this must be a classy big boat and I’d be safe, off I went and got myself dressed up.
Massive St Tropez style hat.
Stylish bag with bikini and sun lotion packed.
High heels.
I had asked Fran if maybe I should wear flats but he encouraged me to keep the heels on.
Anyway we drive to the marina in town and meet Roberto, I’m still oblivious to the joke being played.
We’re walking along the marina and I’m not seeing any big boats.
Rather very small fishing boats.
A lot of rough looking men with few teeth, drinking the local Raffo beer to cool off from the hot sun.
Finally we arrive at Zio Mimmo’s boat and the boys and him are in absolute stitches laughing when they see my face.
I’m now horrified!
My St.Tropez hat seems bigger than this boat!
Smallest engine I’ve ever seen.
Nowhere to sit never mind sun bathe or sip.
Roberto and Francesco and his uncle just keep laughing.
The jokes all on me and my big high heels.
They eventually convinced me to get in anyway, I did only because Fran loved the sea.
Uncle Mimmo was so proud that I would even have thought he might have a luxury boat.
I’m glad I got in in the end it made them happy plus as we ventured out, one of the toothless Tarantino fishermen approached us and realising I was a foreigner (how could he not with that hat) offered me 10kilos of mussels for free!
We took them home to Fran’s mother and she was able to make the local speciality of tubettini cozze.
A delicious pasta dish.
What a fun day, my Francesco always having a laugh at me & forever a great lover of the sea.
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