The step-By-Step Journey To Living Your Life On Purpose, Following Your Passions And Gaining Confidence In Your Direction


Experience The Graceful Method For Accessing Your Heart’s True Passions & Purpose and Get Unstuck From Too Many Ideas.


Do you wake up listless or unfulfilled wishing you had something more inspiring to dedicate your life to?


Do you make yourself wrong for your passions and sometimes feel you’re living someone else’s life because you’re not clear on what would make your heart sing?


Would you just love to know what really brings you joy and what your deeper purpose is so you can make career & life decisions in alignment with this

Discover what truly lights you up and what you want to dedicate your life to for more joy, flow, vitality and beauty.

In our time together you will:


  • Get unstuck and become crystal clear on your passions and purpose tha will give you energy and fulfilment for the long-term.
  • Discover what would truly light you up so you stop wasting time elsewhere.
  • Develop a road map to get paid for your passions.
  • Put an end to guilt, frustration and regret as you make decisions in alignment with your true passions.
  • Begin to trust yourself more deeply as you follow these passions and commit to your purpose.
  • Create career/business choices based on what’s most passion filled for you.
  • Know what makes you different or unique.
  • Choose jobs, contracts and relationships that work for you and make you feel good.
  • Tap into a whole new level of vitality and well-being.
  • Wake up your innate confidence.
  • Learn how to honour your wellbeing daily.
  • Effectively delegate low priority activities in your life so you can stick to the passionate ones that give you energy.
  • Fully enjoy your life, feeling totally on purpose, doing what you truly love every single day.

Get ready to wake up inspired, peaceful, confident and on purpose dedicating your life to what’s true to you.


**Course includes includes 3 one on one sessions with Grace**

I’m Grace Kelly and not that long ago I was living life uninspired without a clear direction and financially dependent on my man.

After leaving my day job behind as a school teacher, I spent the following year trying to figure out what my purpose was and what direction my career should go in next.

I would pray, meditate and ask God what I was meant to dedicate my life to.

But after a whole year of trying to figure this out, I found my brain was crammed with information rather than clarity.

The turning point came when I was sitting by the sea crying one day feeling so frustrated, even angry at myself, tears rolling down my cheeks.

My confidence was at an all time low.

I knew I was meant for more, some sort of contribution in this world.

More than that I felt I was “off purpose” the very thing I left my day job and salary for in the first place.

It occurred to me that I was going to continue going around in the same frustrating circles if I didn’t get help and outside perspective from an unbiased source.

So I made the decision to get expert help in getting clear.

This helped me clear through the fog and see exactly what I was really about and what I could do with my life.

I awakened my true priorities, what it was I wanted to dedicate my life to and offer people as a service I could be handsomely paid for.

The experience of clarity was so valuable to me that I immediately set about honing a process that could help others who were stuck like I was.

With that my coaching business was born.

Roll on a few years and I’ve travelled the world bringing clients through this process for crystal clarity on what they’re meant to dedicate their life to and how they’re meant to serve.

I now know that when we dedicate our life to our true passions we instantly wake up to more wellbeing, vitality and greater self-worth.

We break free of the insecurities that hold us back and experience a kind of divine magic where people and opportunities are drawn to us as they feel our alignment and level of clarity.


Now it’s your turn to wake up knowing exactly what to create, spend your time on and ultimately dedicate your life to so that you feel on purpose and in alignment with your decisions each day.

If you would love this for yourself I invite you to:


**Course includes includes 3 one on one sessions with Grace**

Finally found my sweet spot, so much more fulfilled and no longer living discouraged!

In coaching with Grace one of the most unexpected shifts I got was to stop being at the mercy of other people’s moods and opinions about me.
I was often very impacted by my personal life and those around me to the point it affected my business.
Through our work together I have turned this around to finally experience a sense of freedom in my personal life and to find my sweet spot, doing what lights me up!
I seem to be able to work way more but it doesn’t feel like work at all, I feel so fulfilled.
I experience way more energy nowadays and am able to run my business from a place of deep enjoyment and in a way that doesn’t sacrifice my role as a single mum.
I can now see the longevity of what I have to offer clients and with that a deeper value has come through.
Where I used to get caught up on things needing to be faster now I live discouragement proof and less at the mercy of urgent /dissatisfied thoughts.

Nicki Byrne

Helped me find peace and leave my job

What makes working with Grace so unique is her personalized approach that elicits clients’ own inner wisdom.

I’ve flown from L.A to attend Grace’s live events and retreats, both have been an all-around delight where you feel yourself transformed not by effort but by the ease of being in Grace’s mentorship.

You absorb change, almost by osmosis, and find yourself joyfully transformed as a result of it. Grace has helped me find peace of mind and direction concerning my career, I’ve gone on to leave my role as a professor at UCLA to finally start my own business doing something I love.

Silvia Kratzer

This Passion Process includes 3 private sessions with Grace.


Session 1: The Passion Process: Discover your true passions and core purpose

In this session Grace will walk you through her passion process, a series of powerful questions that will support you in awakening deep clarity on what you’re truly passionate about and what gives you the highest level of joy and wellbeing.

She will also guide you through a visualisation that will help you access your wisdom to determine the true hierarchy of your passions and your deepest purpose.  You can expect to walk away from this session knowing exactly what direction to focus your energy and money making on even if you’re someone who tends to have tons of ideas.

Session 2: Combining Your Passions

In this session you’ll explore ways to combine your true passions even if you’re multi-passionate!

You’ll discover more about what will give you fulfilment for the long-term and how to stick to following your passions when those around you want to do the opposite.

Learn to leverage your passions to prioritise your days so that you can stick to what you love, awaken vitality, enjoy life more, use your time wisely and make progress on the objectives and core purpose you have.

Discover what and how to gracefully delegate the low priority things you keep saying YES to and that keep getting in your way.

Session 3: Roadmap To Monetize Your Passions

In this session with Grace’s business support you’ll develop a simple roadmap to get paid for following your passions.

If you are in business you will explore how to use these passions to create a business model, offer or service that’s in alignment and lights you up.

Coach with Grace on anything that’s standing in your way to living your passions and creating your life and income around this more consistently.


**Course includes includes 3 one on one sessions with Grace**

A clear offer, more focus and 8 new paying clients

I wasn’t clear on my message or what I had to offer and was therefore spinning round and not gaining traction, and the more that kept happening, the more worried and desperate I felt.

Grace were able to zero in on what I was really about and what I had to offer in doing so we put together a signature programme I could sell.

That clarity, plus Grace’s refreshing and sound advice — which often contradicted a lot of the noise out there — made it possible for me to settle into my new direction and as a result I signed up my first 8 paying clients!

I’m now super excited about my work again, more focused and engaged than ever because I actually have a clear direction and know my value.

Grace’s ability to cut through to the truth of any situation, to hold up a mirror to show me the value of what was really there, and to bring me back to a place of peace and calm any time I wound myself up with a lot of unproductive mental chatter meant she was able to really “hold the space” more than any coach I’ve ever worked with.

She helped me find the wisdom within myself that’s always there.

Jill Hendrickson

I could feel a shift in consciousness

I’ve worked with some of the biggest names out there in the biz world from Ali Brown to David Neagle, and while I learned something very valuable from each of them, Grace was able to laser in to the exact issues that have plagued me in my pursuit of success and the direction I require to take to live my purpose fully.

In a short space of a few hours we journeyed into clarity with purposeful exercises and in depth exploration in her graceful style and all in the surroundings of an elegant space with a view of bella Rome.

In fact from the moment that my Roman Intensive began I could feel a shift in my consciousness.

Grace not only assisted me with my message, offerings and business model but also arranged a photo shoot and tour of Rome on the back of a Vespa, nourishing my desire for adventure and visibility in the Eternal City.

By the end of the day, it seemed only fitting that I should be carried away in a taxi with the driver playing exquisite opera and feeling ready and clear on how to transform my business and career.

Barbara Cummings


**Course includes includes 3 one on one sessions with Grace**

You’ll walk away from these sessions:


  • Clear on what your highest passions are and what to dedicate your life, career and days to.
  • Knowing how to get started on earning from these passions.
  • Feeling more confident and in alignment with your soul.
  • Understanding what truly makes you unique.
  • Able to better communicate your desires and needs in your relationships.
  • Feeling connected to your true calling and making decisions that support that.
  • Experiencing a deeper sense of self-trust, reliance and direction knowing who you are at the core.
  • Living in more inspiration, vitality, less guilt and more enjoyment as you focus on what you’re truly dedicated to.
  • Get ready to wake up inspired, peaceful, confident and on purpose dedicating your life to what’s true to you.

Imagine finding and knowing your path, waking up each day feeling on purpose, completely in alignment with what you’re here to contribute, knowing exactly what to spend your time on and what to say goodbye to.

Imagine an end to all guilt and self doubt and instead feeling that deep sense of confidence whereby you can make decisions easily and create your business/career gracefully in a way that gives you fuel and income for the long term.

Imagine your day feeling spacious in such a way that gives you tons of time freedom for what’s truly important to you.

In less than six months working with Grace, I transformed from being a corporate executive to launching my own international business consulting and coaching clients and companies.

Grace has helped me connect deeper with my inner truth, gain clarity what my career desires are, what my corporate exit strategy is and then how best to package my expertise and gain more confidence in showing up, serving and creating the life I desire.

I highly recommend amazing Grace’s inspirational coaching style if you are ready for your own career transformation.

Ivana Sretenovic, Transformational Business Consultant & Coach

I’ve gone on to host my own retreats!

I got so lost in all the online stuff that I became very overwhelmed and disconnected from myself, then I found Grace and in our time together I feel I’ve come home to myself in a whole new way.

I’ve experienced an innate confidence, clarity and grounded-ness that I never knew was possible .

After attending her retreat in Italy I’m smiling from the inside out these days, feeling so connected to my business direction and how I can help my clients.

I’ve gone on to leave a job, host my own retreats, sell my first ever 3 month package and now enjoy my business.

Margaret McDonald


**Course includes includes 3 one on one sessions with Grace**

£497.00 OR 2 x £275.00

Left my job to follow my photography passion

When I began coaching with Grace I was in a very stressful head-spin in regards to my full time corporate role. This spin was exacerbated by my thoughts and experiences around money, my lack of it and always being in the “negative” with my bank account.

Working with Grace during this time was the most empowering transformation that I have experienced. She taught me how to settle my insecure thinking about my capability within my current job, how to show up to the moment and be present so that I can perform to my highest potential and how to settle my spinning thoughts about leaving my corporate job, which I’m delighted to say I’m now in transition to leave!

Her coaching and support on insecure thinking enabled major transformation for myself and particularly with my finances.

For the first time I stopped worrying and freaking out about finances and once this spin stopped , I felt no longer controlled by money.

As a result, the finances ,when I needed them , flowed in and I’m finally getting to leave my job instead of that being just a dream

Liz Riley

“Divine guidance, purpose, financial abundance and freedom all in one”

Within 24 hours of signing up for coaching with Grace (and immediately after our first call) I sold my first 5K programme, recouping my investment!

This positive momentum went on to have me create 10K in my business in the space of 30days and a total of 30K by the end of the 90 days! I couldn’t be more grateful to find a mentor and style of business that supports me in combining divine guidance, purpose, financial abundance and freedom all in one.

Jessica Caver

“Reconnected to my innate confidence”

Working with my Grace I transformed into a deeper version of myself, I moved beyond insecurity and reconnected to my innate confidence and got my clear message and package, as a result I took on more clients and even had my first 15K month as a coach!
I now appreciate myself more deeply and the greatest thing is that I’ve fallen in love with life and its potential since I can trust myself and it more.
Something about Grace and her personal journey ushers you into the greater version of yourself. If you are fortunate enough to get into her sphere do it! You’ll become the relaxed, calm, centered best you can be. “

Lorraine Pursell, M.A.