The Art of Working Effortlessly

with Mavis Karn & Grace Kelly

Designed for those who want to take the hard work out of being of service.
Join counselor and educator, Mavis Karn, for an online programme alongside transformational coach, Grace Kelly to redefine your experience of being in service.
Discover a way to be of visible service, that’s effortless.
Stress , misery and insecurity are optional!


If you’ve struggled with creating flow in your work life and aren’t enjoying what you do…
If you are facing a career change or redundancy…..


If you are already working with clients already but tie yourself into clients “getting it” or experiencing results, often feeling pressurized, tense, exhausted with your coaching….

This programme is here to help you.

With Mavis and Grace you will::

Learn to let things evolve and unfold as you awaken to a new flow in your work.

Experience what it's like to be of service without becoming a crutch to others.

tep into a climate of quietude revealing fresh thinking and ideas.

Discover you have everything within you in order to make the most out of any next move you're facing.

Deepen your ability to listen so you have greater impact on those you serve or are in relationship with.

Feel refueled , better and longer lasting than any holiday as you awaken a deeper level of well-being and quieter mind.

Gracefully market and promote your service naturally without extroverted hard work.

Stop worrying about being out there more!

Live in service as you restore your clarity of purpose.

This programme is the most timely thing you could do for yourself, regardless of what your next next move is.
Mavis and I will show you that you have within everything you need in order to make the most out of whatever direction you choose to go in.
There’s a difference between knowing that intellectually and really living it.

Pay now and enjoy this fully recorded 6 session course comprising of 6x90mins sessions including real time coaching.


A Taste Of The Programme

Meet Grace & Mavis

Mavis Karn

Mavis Karn, LSW, MA, is in private practice offering coaching, counseling, teaching, education and consulting services. Mavis’ honesty and humble “true north” understanding of the inborn potential of each of us is deeply and broadly respected by clients and colleagues globally. She does no marketing. She works from her home office in Minnesota. She’s the author of a well-known letter to juvenile inmates, The Secret.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is a Transformational Coach helping people realise their deeper potential .Her clients find more peace and enjoyment in their lives as a result.
Formally a French teacher in London, she moved to Italy and started an international coaching business,she’s traveled the world coaching clients and experienced a much more graceful way of doing life & business.