I’ve come to see the truth about feeling.
The feeling is everything.
So often I’ve been looking for the right words in Italian and today Francesco’s mother came to my room and I sensed she needed comfort so I hugged her and said nothing.
She got to cry, to let it out.
I thought about saying something to soothe her given all I understand, but in that moment there was just the feeling.
The power of feeling really hit me.
I was feeling strong,she could be vulnerable.
No words needed.
It didn’t take me down, I just held her.
The feeling was all she needed.
We underestimate the power of that as we search for the right thing to say.
The feeling is everything in the end.
Live in a nice feeling, give it away often, let the feeling inform you and guide you, know that it’s enough.
This is our Christmas tree, even in death Francesco left us in a period of time when the lights glow and festivities beckon.