Francesco’s parents amaze me, they show me that human resilience is innate.
You don’t have to be spiritual, you don’t have to understand principles, you don’t even need to know how the mind works.
Without any of this they continue to do well given that their youngest son has been taken so suddenly from them.
I’ve been sharing with his mother how Francesco gives me signs and she didn’t even know she could ask for this.
Her way of connecting with him is to go to the urn and give it a kiss, saying goodmorning and goodnight.
As I recounted all the ways Francesco showed up for me from placing dancing fish right before my eyes, to saving me from two aggressive dogs to appearing in dreams telling me the lights would go out, his mother grew curious.
Then she came to me all excited one day and explained that Fran had fixed her Tree of Life.
This was a little electronic tree that had been broken for over a year.
She’d been meaning to replace the batteries.
Then it occurred to her one day to ask her son for a sign he was with her.
To her massive surprise the tree lit up!
It’s stayed lit ever since and no new batteries needed.
She had tears of joy in her eyes as she started to see he really was available to her, all she had to do was ask.
Hope this helps you today if you’re missing a loved one.
Love can’t be grasped intellectually, it is always felt and sometimes it’s best to ask for a sign.
Francesco comes to us in the form of fixing things, technology oh and lights,all very similar to how he helped us in human form.