I’m remembering the time Francesco agreed to consider moving to Tuscany for me.
I’d been craving an English speaking community and heard it was to be found up there.
He was reluctant to leave his beloved Puglia but as usual we was willing to sacrifice for my happiness.
Off we went to Lucca, Siena and Florence.
It was late October and the weather was cold and damp.
We looked at a few appartments but nothing was particularly inspiring.
We met a few international ex-pats too who were kind and promised to invite us into their community if we moved.
The only time we both felt really good was on our return as the plane was descending back into Puglia.
The sun was shining strongly as usual.
The light was incredible, a photographer’s dream.
The sea was sparkling.
Francesco and I looked at each other giddy with excitement , we knew this was home.
A little while later we were blessed to find an international community in the town of Ostuni.
What we’d been craving was at our front door.
How often in life we miss what’s in front of us thinking it must be better out there.
I’m so blessed for the community of great friends we have here and for the gift of Puglia that Francesco gave me.❤️ #GraceNote
(Pic of us in Tuscany)