Had a lovely conversation with my Irish friends the other night.
We got talking about my Francesco’s love.
When he was alive I used to get insecure about our love at times.
I’d wonder why he didn’t post more pics of us on social media together.
I’d wonder why he was happy to stay home and let me venture off into different corners of the world.
Did this mean it wasn’t real love?
Shouldn’t couples want to do everything and share everything together?
Now he’s gone I think how stupid to evaluate love like that.
His passing has illuminated the depth of love we had for one another.
As the conversation went on, my friends and I remembered how our Italian Francesco picked up all our Irish sayings:
“Ach love”
“Where’s the yoke”?
“Your man’s an eijet!”
“I know rightly”
He’d use this language with me everyday for the rest of our time together.
People even said he had an Irish accent!
I can’t think of a better way to express love than to copy the language of your lover, to communicate and emulate their way…
To take on the sayings and expressions of their culture paying such attention to detail.
How often we innocently miss these acts of love right in front of us as we’re orientated to carefully measuring it based on what society determines “the right way”.
The arc of love blesses us all in a very personal and unique way, don’t miss it friends.💖