Have you tried a prescribed way of marketing your services and growing your biz only to find that “the formula” didn’t work for you?


Do you feel anxious, worried, insecure and flighty – basically afraid not trusting yourself or the Universe?


Are you getting lost in all the online stuff that you’ve become overwhelmed and disconnected from yourself?



The Spiritual Marketing Retreat

October 5th-7th, Puglia, Italy

with Grace Kelly & Stef Cybichowski

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is an established success coach. She helps people connect to their inner wisdom and true potential to create healthy and accomplished lives and careers they truly want.
Formally a French teacher in London, Grace left her salary behind, moved to Italy, and started an international coaching business travelling the world hosting clients on retreats in stylish locations.

Stef Cybichowski


Stef has run several businesses including an art gallery and a design studio . A proud Dad, Coach and International speaker Stef travels the world working with business leaders , mental health professionals and entrepreneurs supporting all in discovering their creative genius and highest potential in life and business.


What is Spiritual Marketing?

Spiritual Marketing is a revolutionary and simple approach that focuses on creating results from a place of deep service and connection with others.

It’s revolutionary because it’s not about mastering a formula or being a high-tech, social media loving millennial in order to draw clients to you….

Rather it’s about you trusting you, doing things your way and using your wisdom to guide your marketing and every business decision.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s what happened for others as a result of following their own wisdom:


Helped me find peace and leave my job

What makes working with Grace so unique is her personalized approach that elicits clients’ own inner wisdom.

I’ve flown from L.A to attend Grace’s live events and retreats, both have been an all-around delight where you feel yourself transformed not by effort but by the ease of being in Grace’s mentorship.

You absorb change, almost by osmosis, and find yourself joyfully transformed as a result of it. Grace has helped me find peace of mind and direction concerning my career, I’ve gone on to leave my role as a professor at UCLA to finally start my own business doing something I love.

Silvia Kratzer

I’ve gone on to host my own retreats!

I got so lost in all the online stuff that I became very overwhelmed and disconnected from myself, then I found Grace and in our time together I feel I’ve come home to myself in a whole new way.

I’ve experienced an innate confidence, clarity and grounded-ness that I never knew was possible .

After attending her retreat in Italy I’m smiling from the inside out these days, feeling so connected to my business direction and how I can help my clients.

I’ve gone on to leave a job, host my own retreats, sell my first ever 3 month package and now enjoy my business.

Margaret McDonald

You’ll walk away from this 3 day experience completely reconnected to your wisdom, true passions and right marketing path. The world won’t fail to notice the level of inspiration and wellbeing you’re now living from. As a result you can expect to:

  • Draw opportunity and clients to you.
  • Become attractive and energetically in alignment with what you’re seeking.
  • Finally take action and bring to life the ideas that keep coming to you.
  • Let go the need for approval or permission before doing things.
  • Claim and call in the abundance your gift deserves.
  • End the pendulum swing of “on” “off” results.
  • Share your message and services confidently without being self-conscious.
  • Roll out that programme, launch that event or host that retreat you’ve always wanted to.
  • Be more engaged in your business without needing to read the right books or fix anymore mind-set.
  • Be clear on your true value and what makes you unique.
  • Experience a deeper level of self trust.
  • Higher levels of vitality and consistency vs months spent feeling flat.
  • Live a life and run a business in a way you’re truly passionate about.

During the course of 3 days together…

You will experience an unrushed container of time receiving transformational coaching from Grace and Stef and customized to your specific needs, whilst also exploring the essence of Spiritual Marketing and how you can harness that magic to grow your business in a more graceful way.

Unlike after a holiday where you go back to your normal life, habits and daily stresses within a few weeks…. this retreat will be transformational with lasting results because you’ll experience a shift in your thinking through the insights that occur via this exploration and by taking yourself away from your habitual environment where your thinking tends to stay the same.

You’ll feel the impact of having received transformational coaching and having detoxed your mind from all the noise, fear, overwhelm and insecurities it’s usually operating in.

Not to mention the refreshment and inspiration you’ll feel having put yourself in beauty filled Puglia with an engaging group for a few lovely days.

This will be the ultimate transformational travel experience with Grace & Stef as your coaches

You’ll be invited to visit secret hotspots, off the tourist track, where you’ll nourish your senses whilst enjoying the beauty of Puglia, a world rich in culture & style.

Puglia, quoted by Conde Nast as “Italy’s best-kept secret, ideal for the sophisticated traveller who wants exclusivity minus the crowds”, will appeal to you if you’re looking for a taste of authentic Italy, where you can really slow down.

This is the region where food is mostly plant based, seasonal and sourced from the land, siestas are a ritual and tradition lives on.

Puglia remains the Italians’ choice, a foodie and artists heaven, drawing a stylish and creative crowd.

You’ll walk away from this retreat knowing your path, feeling a deep sense of clarity, peace and confidence and with that you’ll be able to gracefully move into action with what’s next for you. Maybe that’s finally a career change you’ve been putting off or perhaps it’s a new financial level in your current business, whatever the case may be you’ll have the clarity to act confidently.


Group Schedule:


Morning: Arrival check into Ostuni Palace Hotel.

Evening: Welcome aperitivo with the group.



Morning:  Coaching with Grace and Stef.

Afternoon: Siesta & time for self.

Evening:  Coaching with Grace & Stef followed by visit to a traditional masseria (farm house) for olive oil tasting, wine tasting and 8 course dinner with produce from the land.


Day 3

Morning:  Coaching with Grace & Stef.

Afternoon:  Visit to quaint local village for traditional Italian lunch.

Evening: Departure.


Imagine returning to your family, life and business free of the thought storms that have been clouding your vision and leaving you feeling less than connected to who you are and what you’re all about, instead totally clear and confident in yourself and operating from your highest level of wellbeing, ever!

Imagine waking up each day now fully engaged in your marketing and the creation of your ideas and seeing the results of that engagement come through.

Imagine deeply trusting yourself, listening to your own wisdom rather than seeking more external permission or approval from the outside.


Imagine dropping layers of insecurities about money or technology or your image or about doing things “the right way” instead confidently showing up as the abundant and confident you.

What’s Included?

  • All coaching with Grace and Stef across the 3 days.
  • Welcome aperitivo.
  • Dinner, wine tasting and visit at a 5 star masseria.
  • Visits in Ostuni.


Flights not included. Flights best to Bari/Brindisi. Transfers can be arranged with a personal driver.

Accomodation at the hotel (event venue) is available on request at a special rate.


Spaces are limited to 6 (1 remaining)





Apply Here for the Spiritual Marketing Retreat

Spiritual Marketing Retreat Application

Her coaching and support on insecure thinking enabled major transformation for myself and particularly with my finances

When I began coaching with Grace I was in a very stressful head-spin in regards to my full time corporate role. This spin was exacerbated by my thoughts and experiences around money, my lack of it and always being in the “negative” with my bank account.

Working with Grace during this time was the most empowering transformation that I have experienced. She taught me how to settle my insecure thinking about my capability within my current job, how to show up to the moment and be present so that I can perform to my highest potential and how to settle my spinning thoughts about leaving my corporate job, which I’m delighted to say I’m now in transition to leave!

Her coaching and support on insecure thinking enabled major transformation for myself and particularly with my finances.

For the first time I stopped worrying and freaking out about finances and once this spin stopped , I felt no longer controlled by money.

As a result, the finances ,when I needed them , flowed in and I’m finally getting to leave my job instead of that being just a dream

Liz Riley


Something about Grace and her personal journey ushers you into the greater version of yourself. If you are fortunate enough to get into her sphere do it! You’ll become the relaxed, calm, centered best you can be.

I felt anxious, worried, insecure and flighty- basically I was afraid and didn’t trust myself or the Universe. I was trying to get my new coaching business going and had no ideal clients coming in at the time. Working with my Grace I transformed into a deeper version of myself, I moved beyond insecurity and reconnected to my innate confidence, as a result I took on more clients and even had my first 15K month as a coach!

I now appreciate myself more deeply and the greatest thing is that I’ve fallen in love with life and its potential since I can trust myself and it more.

Lorraine Pursell, M.A.