For many years I’ve not worked mornings.

After spending the first part of my working life rising at 6am to make a long commute to my day job, I decided that in my own business, I was never living my mornings rushed like that again.

There’s something special about those waking hours.

As we’re coming out of our slumber we’re ripe for insights that signal change.

Those little ideas that come to mind before the brain & habitual thoughts kick in.

I know not everyone wakes up this way.

Many of my clients report a feeling of dread on waking up, especially during this pandemic and who can blame them?

So lost in dreadful thinking from the day before they innocently take it into their dream state.

Yet before we have our first thoughts and before the dread sets in, there’s a space.

In that space there’s wisdom.

An answer to your prayers.

This is a sacred space, it’s subtle and quiet and can easily go un-noticed but it’s always there.

If you can start to simply notice that space you’ll find a lot of clarity.

Nowadays my waking moments are spent bathing in this space and my life is all the better for it.

Whilst my ego might be pointing me in one direction, this space always points me to a more graceful path.

Waking slowly and following the rhythm of my soul has of course meant going against the hustle of this world.

The hustle says:

“You’re lazy Grace, just get up” “The early bird catches the worm” and “ 5am club creates success”

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with these ideas, they’re simply that, ideas & concepts, not truths.

Truth doesn’t demand a certain behaviour for your success but it will point you in the direction of what’s helpful to do.

For me, over the years it’s gently pointed to a daily Spiritual Workout.

I’ve learned that in working out this way I’m set for the day.

The benefit of a Spiritual Workout is that it builds a kind of mental musculature that paints a more positive experience of life, rather than the one the ego would paint.

It’s grounding & nourishing too.

A bit like a bowl of creamy porridge with your favourite milk, a Spiritual Workout fills up your soul, leaving you satisfied & warm within rather than out there in the cold looking for more to snack on.

The ego always needs more to snack on.

More stimulation, more information, action, distraction & more negativity.

Engaging our Spiritual Workout leaves us less at the mercy of our ego and more in tune with a deeper Self.

Self with a capital “S”, she quietens the small insecure self that’s so focused on how un-perfect you are & what’s wrong with this world.

I can’t think of a more important endeavour at this time in history than to get deeper into connection with this bigger Self.

You’ll find that  anxiety, worry, rushing, pushing & striving are firmly at bay as you make room for a Spiritual Workout at the beginning of the day.

You can create your own Spiritual Workout.

There’s no right way to do it, simply choose to create a sequence that works for you and fits your lifestyle and what you’re into.

The key is you’re consciously shifting your focus to what is working in your life as you start your day.

I’ve experienced so many benefits over the years in starting my day this way, I’ve no doubt that my business & life flows more easily as a result.

If you feel inspired follow in these footsteps, I’ve listed what I do below.

My Spiritual Workout:


Noticing the space.

On waking up I’ll simply notice that deeper space for a few seconds and any floating ideas or solutions coming through.



12 min meditation by Yogananda.

I’ve been doing the same meditation for a couple of years now and can tell what state of mind I’m in based on how deep I go. I use these 12 mins to simply get present and go deep into a feeling of wellbeing &peace.


Setting intention.

I’ll visualize my tasks or activities for the day, sending loving intention into each of them, no matter how small or mundane.

Blessing goes ahead of me to my relationship, my business, my clients, my computer, the shower, any interviews, anything I’m going to cook, my dogs and our walk.

In doing so I expect an excellent experience and always get it.


Gratitude journaling

I’ll write down whatever I’m feeling grateful for from the day before and for that day.

In doing so I’m consciously moving the elevator of consciousness up to the higher floors where the psychological landscape of my world is always prettier than what the ego mind would suggest is going on.



I’ll listen or read to something that inspires hope, this might be a prayer book or something from a Teacher I respect.

Many times in reading the spirit of their work, the spirit of my work is stirred and I find myself moved in a direction for writing or speaking that day.


Kundalini yoga warm up.

I won’t do a full set but I might do about 5 key warm up exercises that loosen my neck and spine, making it way

easier for me to spend time on my computer that day.


What about you, share with me in the comments what you’ve found helpful to your soul and business at the beginning of your day?