My Spiritual Team sent the TV….

I’d been asking my heavenly team to “invite me to something wonderful” Laying on the sofa a bit blah a few weeks ago there’s no way my mind could have come up with not one but three invites to be part of tv in some way! The first was an invite to the closing party of the Puglia film festival at the stunning Sabbiadoro beach club where we danced the night away alongside some lovely celebs including, Matt Dillon & my bestie, Tarek.

This was so fun since I was also gifted the right dress for the event! See how easy our team make it for us? They even provide the right dress for the right event. The second was an invite to be part of the BBC show Amazing Hotels at our stunning @borgoegnazia hotel. This was the hotel I had a picture of in my classroom as a school teacher when I used to visualise one day staying there and then hosting clients on retreat, whilst I’ve now done all those things many times over & with great appreciation…..

It was a lovely invite and surprise to be invited back to the hotel, this time to film for Amazing Hotels, Life beyond the lobby. I’m under contract there so can’t post the photos of this one yet but will do soon. The third invite, pictured also below, was a filming session with Sky TV for a well known cookery show in the UK. I had filmed for them before and was invited back this time to a more intimate setting where I was asked to give some of my experiences living in Puglia and how the food & lifestyle have influenced me.

Interestingly, a couple days before, Francesco’s aunt, Zia Anna gifted me this top from Positano, so I chose to wear this for the broadcast. Nod to the Spiritual Team again for taking care of wardrobe! So, next time you’re feeling a bit blah yourself, have a wee word with your Spiritual Team, yes you have one! These are loved ones, guides, pets, even famous people you admire, (one of my clients is a singer and she’s been calling on Tina Turner to support her vocals, her tips have doubled since!)…..

Whom you can call upon to invite you to something wonderful, something fashionable, something fun! Nothing is off limits nor too frivolous. Please read that again. Go ahead and have a word, a prayer helps , I also find it helps to not be too specific in our ask, just let them decide for you, then literally sit back, relax and let the phone ring and the invite come. I hope this sharing has inspired you, remember it’s ok to feel stuck or blah or even frozen at times…..

It’s at these times we want to get ourselves out of the way and invite life/spirit/team in to send fresh inspo our way.

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