3 day online retreat

Ready for a deeper dive into the principles and practices of this revolutionary and graceful approach to growing your business with way more ease?

Traditional marketing focuses on having the right words and the right website or the right ads
and strategies to attract business, it’s tactic based.

What happens when you have those things but you’re not enjoying your business or not drawing in clients you’d love to work with on a regular basis?

Whilst being able to articulate what you do is important, Spiritual Marketing runs deeper than
saying the right words or implementing someone’s formula.

Spiritual Marketing is a revolutionary and graceful approach to growing your business.

It centres around creating results from a place of deep service and connection to others vs a
focus on personal outcomes.

Spiritual marketing is about coming from the heart in your conversations about how you can
help people vs coming from need.


This approach truly centres around the deep feeling of alignment in YOU plus the certainty of how you can help your clients.


If you’re done:


Not having clarity on what you offer and the difference you can make in client’s lives


Feeling like you don’t have what it takes to grow your business to a whole new level


Feeling frozen when it comes to the sales conversation


Being in the pain of not sharing your gifts and doing powerful work in the world



If you’re turned off by the formulas & prescribed way of marketing (Alga what?) that has you stuck behind your computer most of the day

We invite you to experience this revolutionary approach to growing your business in a graceful way that doesn’t involve hustle.

Spiritual Marketing 3 day online retreat

November 19th/20th/21st

with your hosts Grace Kelly & Stef Cybichowski

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is a Transformational Coach helping clients start and grow their businesses in a low tech, graceful way , minus the hustle.
Formally a French teacher in London, Grace left her salary behind, moved to Italy and started an international coaching business that has allowed her to travel the world hosting clients on luxury retreats and intensives around the world.
Grace continues to enjoy a 6-figure business year on year with lots of time for enjoyment of life, thanks to the Spiritual Marketing approach.

Stef Cybichowski

Stef Cybichowski has run several businesses including an art gallery and a design studio .
A proud Dad, Consultant Coach and International speaker, Stef travels the world working with business leaders , mental health professionals and entrepreneurs. Stef has not only increased his sales by 25% year on year, but has actively attracted the kind of clients he most wants to work with, he credits this to the Spiritual Marketing approach.


I magine after 3 days of retreating & immersing yourself in the spiritual marketing
approach that you can:


Fall back in love with your business, experiencing plenty of wellbeing & enjoyment as you do this powerful work in the world.


Re-engage the creative energy to spark effortless growth that takes you to a new level.


Be paid for your incredible service, working with clients you'll love.


Feel confident about promoting your service or showing up online without the usual tactics & efforts.


Have clarity on what you offer and deeply see the true value of how you make a difference in your client’s life rather than guess about it.


Go from the pain of not sharing your gifts to finally taking inspired action.


Become naturally more engaged in your business rather than experience the “on” “off” pendulum.


Fall out of self-consciousness and feeling icky when it comes to sharing your service online, on camera or in your communications with people.


Roll out that programme, launch that event or host that retreat you’ve always wanted to.


Not just feel at peace in your mind but feel at peace about your business and be paid for bringing that feeling to those who need it most.

This is what’s on offer when you follow the path of least resistance, this path we’re calling your Spiritual Marketing retreat

I’ve gone on to host my own retreats!

I got so lost in all the online stuff that I became very overwhelmed and disconnected from myself, then I found Grace and in our time together I feel I’ve come home to myself in a whole new way. I’ve experienced an innate confidence, clarity and grounded-ness that I never knew was possible .

After attending her retreat in Italy I’m smiling from the inside out these days, feeling so connected to my business direction and how I can help my clients.

I’ve gone on to leave a job, host my own retreats, sell my first ever 3 month package and now enjoy my business.

Margaret McDonald

November Retreat Focus:

It’s the conversation that counts!

Every conversation (client or not) is sacred and can be our teacher but in the pursuit of building your business you may have innocently focused on strategies and ‘the how’ but have forgotten the ONE thing that makes a business, talking to humans about how you can help.

But what if you struggle when it comes to confidently being in conversation with people about how you can help them?

What happens when you become frozen in placing a financial value on your service?

If you love helping people but but still aren’t being paid for your service, the Spiritual Marketing
retreat is here to help.

Too many coaches and service based professionals are struggling in the area of sharing how they can make a difference in their client’s life and putting a financial value on that, to the point they’re wondering if they should be doing this work in the world at all.

This month’s retreat will be a deep dive into the principles & practices behind the Spiritual Marketing approach, so you become totally comfortable having conversations with people that lead to results.

This style of conversation is not about tactics and tweaking people’s insecurity as a means to
get them to buy from you, Grace and Stef are pointing to something that doesn’t require that!

They both agree that they could not have grown 6 figure businesses year on year without first seeing the human aspect to growing their business AND feeling ease around the enrolment conversation.

They will show you and teach you a practical, graceful way that will move your business forward
by focusing on the human and service aspect that results in drawing clients to you.

You’ll walk away from this retreat with:


Firstly feeling incredibly calm, refreshed and at peace as you retreat and your mind relaxes from working overtime on how to grow your business.


Having deep clarity on the difference you make in your client’s life so you can have conversations that lead to results.


Understanding what an ‘enrolment’ conversation is and what it is not, plus how you can be of incredible service to the client even in the enrolment conversation.


Having practical ways you can show up online and offline that feel easy for you and draw clients to you.


Understanding the power of listening deeply as a means to connection with clients.


Clear on how you can give the client a profound, ‘real time’ direct experience of what it is like to work with you . An essential ingredient that moves your business forward and doesn’t feel icky.


Truly seeing how you’re already enough and why it’s not about becoming a “better version of yourself” or “playing full out” but rather the gift of expressing your essential self to your clients and in the world that draws more opportunity and business to you.


Having simple, low tech, practices you can implement immediately that shares your service in a graceful way.


Closing the year feeling settled with clarity, confidence & direction that’ll help you move forward with your business in the coming year.

Grace & Stef will also go into depth as they share what they’ve done to build their coaching businesses to a 6 figure level and beyond all with plenty of ease and wellbeing

A clear offer, more focus and 8 new paying clients

I wasn’t clear on my message or what I had to offer and was therefore spinning round and not gaining traction, and the more that kept happening, the more worried and desperate I felt.

Grace were able to zero in on what I was really about and what I had to offer in doing so we put together a signature programme I could sell.

That clarity, plus Grace’s refreshing and sound advice — which often contradicted a lot of the noise out there — made it possible for me to settle into my new direction and as a result I signed up my first 8 paying clients!

I’m now super excited about my work again, more focused and engaged than ever because I actually have a clear direction and know my value.

Grace’s ability to cut through to the truth of any situation, to hold up a mirror to show me the value of what was really there, and to bring me back to a place of peace and calm any time I wound myself up with a lot of unproductive mental chatter meant she was able to really “hold the space” more than any coach I’ve ever worked with.

She helped me find the wisdom within myself that’s always there.”

Jill Hendrickson


My Highest Paid Month Ever in Business!

When I started working with Grace I was completely burnt out, running a vocal coaching business and trying to do everything myself, which caused me to be sick all the time.

This affected my business, my relationships and in particular my state of mind. Grace really nurtured and helped me to take steps to improving my lifestyle and my health in a huge way.

Today I’m in the best health I’ve ever been and I’ve had the confidence to follow my dream and move from Ireland to the Canary Islands.

My lifestyle and health have improved dramatically.

On top of that I also managed to increase my earnings in my business, at one point having my highest paid month ever in business!

Nicola Byrne


No longer wondering where my next client will come from. I have less anxiety about the unknown.

I have a beautiful client who is about to upgrade from 3 months of working with me to 6 month container. We are only in week 1.

I have been exposed to my client on a deeper level and the women that I am meant to serve. She is so clear now.

Friday, I’m seeing a prospective client coming from LA in a VIP day. As the afternoon progress I will be asking for the sale to support her for 6 months.

I finally understand about the invisible marketing that you spoke about.

No longer wondering where my next client will come from and I have less anxiety about the unknown.

Marketing is more fun than it used to be. And I am enjoying life in the process.

Milan Perry, Chicago

 Humans are the only species to speed up when they get lost!

If you look at the animal kingdom you’ll see that when an animal gets lost in the wild, she stands still, regains her bearings before taking off in a direction.

We must do the same.

A retreat offers the space and time to get still and become clear , attuned to wisdom’s direction & strategy for you.

By retreating and placing yourself in this intimate group setting where you witness and receive personalised coaching and feedback, all from the comfort of your home or a cosy hotel room, you get to fall into a deeper feeling of rest & quiet that yields insight and clarity much louder connection to your own wisdom.

Grace & Stef have been retreating since 2015 , in fact Grace met Stef on her very first retreat in Barcelona!

Since then they’ve both preferred receiving coaching in the form of retreats, even flying around the world to attend retreats from Hong Kong to LA, New Orleans & Abu Dhabi.

The impact retreats have had on them personally & professionally has led them both to follow a retreat style business model with their own clients, knowing that it’s really not about the quick fix but the deep dive that creates long term sustainable results.

Of course they would love to have you retreat with them LIVE in Italy but until the world opens up again they’re offering this incredibly powerful container of support online.

Spiritual Marketing Group Retreat Italy 2018

If you’re determined to have a successful business that totally lights you up, we invite you to retreat with us exploring this revolutionary approach.

Here’s what others had to say about retreating:

So, if you desire to grow your business exponentially & in a way that supports your wellbeing with lots of flow



If you crave practical advice for promoting your service that doesn’t involve paid ads, long hours behind your computer and icky social media strategy


If want to stop feeling frozen and instead become naturally confident having conversations with people about your service, in a way that feels good and gets results


If you’re craving space and time that you can dedicate to yourself & business, surrounded by an intimate coaching circle of great people …..

Our 3 days Spiritual Marketing Online Retreats are for you.

Upcoming retreat to close the year:

November 19th/20th/21st
Start time 2pm-6pm UK/9am-1pm NYC daily.

*Break in between*

Your Spiritual Marketing Retreat Online Includes

9hrs of personalised coaching in a small group format


Private members only messenger group- Your access to a great coaching circle


Post retreat 60min check in call with Grace or Stef to support you with an action plan based on what insights/clarity you’ve received at the retreat


2 incredible bonuses when you sign up before Nov 1st.


£900.00 GBP / $1200 USD + Bonus

What would having a business you don’t have to think about constantly or get yourself exhausted over mean to you?

For me personally it’s meant:

Living in more wellbeing
More freedom to enjoy my life
Mornings spent walking in nature, doing yoga, meeting friends for coffee or shopping for styles I love

Time for cooking real food to nourish my body rather than eating rubbish on the go

Afternoons (4 per week) are spent coaching clients I truly enjoy working with

Having the Spiritual Marketing approach work for me has also meant:

A much nicer relationship with my man since I’m not living in hustle mode!
Mondays and the whole month of August off
A retreat style biz model I love


Being able to attend retreats with the most incredible mentors around the globe

This is available for you too as you go in the direction of the principles and practices behind Spiritual Marketing

Past participants of Grace’s programmes and retreats had this to say:

Divine guidance, purpose, financial abundance and freedom all in one

Within 24 hours of signing up for coaching with Grace (and immediately after our first call) I sold my first 5K programme, recouping my investment!

This positive momentum went on to have me create 10K in my business in the space of 30days and a total of 30K by the end of the 90 days! I couldn’t be more grateful to find a mentor and style of business that supports me in combining divine guidance, purpose, financial abundance and freedom all in one.

Jessica Caver


I became creative again!

Before working with Grace, my life was full of stress and obligations. I felt tired of my life and everything I had to do because of too much work and not listening to my heart.

During my time with Grace I felt I woke up more and more to the true me. I even held a workshop, made a new website and found my message. I became creative again and started writing my book. I found a new truth and got more clarity, peace and liveness in my life. I saw how everything was connected and I found my true gift.

I would recommend Grace for anyone who wants more peace and freedom in their lives. Free from stress and obligations and every opinion from the people around you. She helped me see a new truth about how everything actually works. I found a new world where magic happens!

Heidi Karlsrud

Trainer & Master Coach, www.go4itCoaching.no

A private retreat with Grace is definitely an investment worth gifting yourself!

After doing some online work with Grace, I wanted to have my own “personal container” and do a “deep dive” into my plans for moving forward; and to think it could be in one of my favourite countries Italy, omg, sign me up.

Like always I got more than expected as I spent time “hearing more from myself & less from the world”.

Yes, I got the “nuts & bolts” messaging & marketing template that will assist me in moving any of my life leadership offerings along but the greater clarity came through about the timing of these offerings, it was “not now!”

My retreat helped clarify my direction and next step.

I tapped into my wisdom, which whispered “Sabbatical “ this was supposed to remain my focus.

I had been turning in the direction of the worlds “next thing” for me when my best service to the world right now was showing up on “sabbatical” in honor of my own self-care and being a radiant example that it is ok to take care of yourself.

Loving living this retreat result today.

Hope you too get the chance to “hear more from You” on retreat with Grace in Italy!


I could feel a shift in consciousness

I’ve worked with some of the biggest names out there in the biz world from Ali Brown to David Neagle, and while I learned something very valuable from each of them, Grace was able to laser in to the exact issues that have plagued me in my pursuit of success and the direction I require to take to live my purpose fully.

In a short space of a few hours we journeyed into clarity with purposeful exercises and in depth exploration in her graceful style and all in the surroundings of an elegant space with a view of bella Rome.

In fact from the moment that my Roman Intensive began I could feel a shift in my consciousness.

Grace not only assisted me with my message, offerings and business model but also arranged a photo shoot and tour of Rome on the back of a Vespa, nourishing my desire for adventure and visibility in the Eternal City.

By the end of the day, it seemed only fitting that I should be carried away in a taxi with the driver playing exquisite opera and feeling ready and clear on how to transform my business and career.

Barbara Cummings

Helped me find peace and leave my job

What makes working with Grace so unique is her personalized approach that elicits clients’ own inner wisdom.

I’ve flown from L.A to attend Grace’s live events and retreats, both have been an all-around delight where you feel yourself transformed not by effort but by the ease of being in Grace’s mentorship.

You absorb change, almost by osmosis, and find yourself joyfully transformed as a result of it. Grace has helped me find peace of mind and direction concerning my career, I’ve gone on to leave my role as a professor at UCLA to finally start my own business doing something I love.

Silvia Kratzer

I had my first 17K month and got my stylish brand and message.

Grace helped me tap into my core brand and messaging as a transformational life coach and mentor for women.

By giving myself permission to invest in me and my business at this level, I was able to step into a space where I could charge more for my services and feel confident about it.
I was able to confidently create and sell a $3k coaching program and have a $17,000 month after working with Grace.

I am now creating high-end offerings with the knowing that I can do it in my own personal style and provide huge value to my clients.

Elena Lipson

Divine Self Care mentor , www.elenalipson.com

Reconnected to my work and led me back to my wellbeing

Coaching with Grace was the most gentle, honest, and human experience I’ve had in a long time in the world of coaching. I joined Grace’s group coaching program for six months, and looked forward to it every two weeks. There was nothing I wanted to do more.

The experience was always one of feeling really good afterwards. It was not about overcoming some limiting belief or a fear, but rather about moving forward in the direction of travel leading me to what I’m intending to create. I got to acknowledge and navigate fear, and yet did not have to tackle it head on — there was no battle going on. No affirmations necessary. It was just about seeing the truth in the moment and ahhh… relief and possibility to step into unfolded from my own insights. From my own wisdom.

In addition to that, the more tangible results were reconnecting with my work. I felt as though I had become a bit lost and needed redirection. As soon as the clarity was present, I had an $11,000 sales month… without struggle or going after it. That’s the part that felt amazing.

There is a softness to Grace’s coaching. It’s graceful. It’s supportive and it works. It is fulfilling and effective, and always leads me back to my wellbeing. Grace’s coaching allowed me to be back in touch with my humanity, and that is a precious gift!

Francoise Everett

Elegance, Business & Lifestyle, www.francoiseeverett.com

Her coaching and support on insecure thinking enabled major transformation for myself and particularly with my finances

When I began coaching with Grace I was in a very stressful head-spin in regards to my full time corporate role. This spin was exacerbated by my thoughts and experiences around money, my lack of it and always being in the “negative” with my bank account.

Working with Grace during this time was the most empowering transformation that I have experienced. She taught me how to settle my insecure thinking about my capability within my current job, how to show up to the moment and be present so that I can perform to my highest potential and how to settle my spinning thoughts about leaving my corporate job, which I’m delighted to say I’m now in transition to leave!

Her coaching and support on insecure thinking enabled major transformation for myself and particularly with my finances.

For the first time I stopped worrying and freaking out about finances and once this spin stopped , I felt no longer controlled by money.

As a result, the finances ,when I needed them , flowed in and I’m finally getting to leave my job instead of that being just a dream

Liz Riler


Something about Grace and her personal journey ushers you into the greater version of yourself. If you are fortunate enough to get into her sphere do it! You’ll become the relaxed, calm, centered best you can be.

I felt anxious, worried, insecure and flighty- basically I was afraid and didn’t trust myself or the Universe. I was trying to get my new coaching business going and had no ideal clients coming in at the time. Working with my Grace I transformed into a deeper version of myself, I moved beyond insecurity and reconnected to my innate confidence, as a result I took on more clients and even had my first 15K month as a coach!

I now appreciate myself more deeply and the greatest thing is that I’ve fallen in love with life and its potential since I can trust myself and it more.

Lorraine Pursell, M.A.


Bonus interview with the “Queen of Spiritual Marketing”, Elsie Spittle.


Elsie has been an internationally recognized trainer and consultant for over four decades. She is highly regarded as a public speaker and in her ability to reach the audience, large and small, via a “feeling” that touches the heart and soul. Elsie is co-founder of the Three Principles School, based on Salt Spring Island, BC.

In this interview with Grace & Stef have a conversation with Elsie Spittle, founder of the Three Principles School.

Elsie shares more about how we really touch and impact our clients, how she’s allowed Spiritual Marketing to organically grow her thriving coaching and consulting business over the four decades she’s been in business and why it’s never too late to take action and follow your dream.


Bonus video series: How They Got Started- Stories from successful entrepreneurs on starting out and bringing ideas to life.

Enjoy 3 bonus videos with world renowned entrepreneurs who share their secrets to success in bringing their ideas to life and talk about the exact way they received their first clients in a brand new venture.

Interview 1: With Erin Lewis, Founder of Eat Pray Move Yoga Retreats.

Interview 2: With Tara Marino, Fashion designer and founder of Elegant Femme & Tara Paris.

Interview 3: With Michael Neill, Bestselling author & coach.



I already have a business how will this help me?
If you love your business and it just flows, you don’t find it’s costing you your wellbeing or peace of mind or mega time, then you’ve already got Spiritual Marketing at work in your life!
If, however, you have a business but don’t enjoy it anymore and find it ever more effortful, this approach has found you at the right time before you give up!
Spiritual Marketing will support you in seeing something new and fresh that can turn your whole experience of business around.
Get ready to fall back in love, to see clearly the changes that can support you and to have a much easier time growing your business in the years ahead.
Will this approach work for me? I don't feel I've time to find clients with everything else I have to do.
The Spiritual Marketing approach doesn’t require a ton of time or big investments in marketing campaigns to find clients, it’s an approach that fits your lifestyle right now, no change needed.

No 5am starts.

No skipping on cooking real food to nourish yourself or your family.

No falling behind with your day job.

This is an approach that’s based on the rich feeling of service you come from , not the hours in the day you have access to.

How does this approach differ to business training programmes ?
In the pursuit of building your business you may have innocently focused on systems, formulas and ‘the how of selling’ but forgotten the ONE thing that makes a business, talking to humans .

The Spiritual Marketing approach is not about business building techniques,it’s about the service, connection and human aspect in all you do, that draws people to you.

You will still get and can ask for practical practices and tools that support the growth of your business, Grace is a firm believer in having a few easy structures that help people get what you do and easily pay you.

Can it really be that easy to grow my business?

Everything you’re seeing out there is pointing you in the direction of getting lost in business building all the while taking you away from a focus on service.

The Spiritual Marketing approach is revolutionary by the fact it focuses on service first. Points to simplicity and brings you back to the basics of what creates a business in the first place.