I’ve been asking Francesco for advice about a situation in my life.
I specifically asked him to send me a song that would reveal the answer to me.
Fran loves to send me songs.
He was very musical.
He the singer, I the dancer.
I always know the song’s for me by how I am moved by the lyrics.
Moved to tears or moved to dance or moved to laugh.
Doesn’t matter.
I know it’s from my beloved by how it MOVES me.
Last night, being in his parent’s house, I switched on the TV  and bang!
The song appears.
An answer to my prayer.
The lyrics loud and clear.
I’m moved to dance.
I’m moved to laugh, the lyrics reveal what I suspected all along….
I’m left hopeful for a future I know is possible but wanted his guidance on.
What you’re MOVED by will MOVE you forward.
Never be afraid to ask your loved ones for SPECIFIC signs.
They’ll reach you by song, by wisdom, by dreams ,by books, by positive urges….

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