I am comforted by this deeper connection to spirit & Francesco’s non physical form.
All resistance gone.
I’m recording daily the ways in which he is communicating with me.
This morning on my walk I was praying and asking to hear from him, for him to bless this day and out of nowhere a beautiful white feather appeared from the sky.
He knew I would take that as a sign, I’ve long believed in and relied on angels.
He is one of them for me now.
The day he died I realised I’d zero access to his emails, financials and work life.
But when I woke up the next morning my hand was guided to unlock his phone with a finger code.
I could never have known that code, I knew then and there he was directing me and low and behold I got access to most things.
I am amazed daily at how my beloved shows up ,from gentle touching on my right shoulder blade to giving me knowledge on how to fix things (I used to say daily “My babe fixes everything”!) to nudging people to get in touch with me or send me something.
I’ve promised never to be a doubting Thomas again about what lies available in the Spiritual world!
How can I be when I see signs of love everywhere?
I think I’d lost a bit of connection to all that as I went about my busy life depending on myself too much.
I can see also that in a low mood the grief and loss can be devastating but I can also see that in a higher state of consciousness, ( a better mood) despite the fact my world is upside down and uncertain, all plans abandoned, I feel grounded and at peace, able to live in the unknown with a deep connection to my soul mate in this new way.
I couldn’t have predicted this response in myself.
It is certainly proving to me the benefits of deeply understanding our Divine nature and Spiritual heritage, how incredibly made we are,
as well as the role our state of mind, moods and thoughts play on how we experience life and loss on any given day.