Bit of a low day yesterday until Francesco sprang forth.

Took myself for a walk and had an insight about grief. My grief is occuring when I relive his death and loss but it’s not there when I relive his life.

At that point I smiled and said “OK baby spring forth into my life again please” .

I kid you not a huge cricket came flying at me, I had to duck! He hit me on the left shoulder and I burst into laughter.

Talk about a big physical sign.

In that moment our reconnect was made. I thanked Fran for his humour, immediate evidence and his physical touch this way.

It’s got me thinking and seeing that in my deepest sorrow a deep yielding for reconnection is born and from there I only have to ask.

The choice of words was interesting….”Spring forth into my life again”

It seems to me that eternal life and eternal love works that way. It springs forth.

As if that wasn’t enough I later walked my dogs and came upon the most beautiful pheasant.

At first I thought he was a goose or maybe a duck. But as he took flight on seeing me I realised he was the majestic pheasant, a spirit animal symbolising good luck.

I hope this helps you today.

Keep asking, your loved ones are an invitation away and sometimes they’ll use the consciousness of unusual or everyday animals to get your attention.