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A Gentler Experience of Loss




My mother always said ” You choose who you’re going to love”.
I chose Francesco.




Tonight I had the most beautiful bath/spa experience, in my friend’s home.

A psychic I trust told me I needed to bathe, that my emotions needed water, cleansing, healing.



“But you can’t go Grace”.
“Why not”? I ask
“It’s raining”.
The look in their eyes changes my mind, melts my heart.

I’ve gone on to host my own retreats!

I got so lost in all the online stuff that I became very overwhelmed and disconnected from myself, then I found Grace and in our time together I feel I’ve come home to myself in a whole new way. I’ve experienced an innate confidence, clarity and grounded-ness that I never knew was possible .

After attending her retreat in Italy I’m smiling from the inside out these days, feeling so connected to my business direction and how I can help my clients.

I’ve gone on to leave a job, host my own retreats, sell my first ever 3 month package and now enjoy my business.

Margaret McDonald