Yesterday I was listening to a webinar all about creating financial wealth.

Whilst I deeply respect the teacher I was stuck by just how intellectual his whole process to wealth creation is.

3 steps to this, 10 steps to that or else….

The steps and tips were helpful to hear and I agreed with a lot of the reasons we prefer spending money VS creating long-term wealth….

But by the time I came off the call I was left feeling insecure, worrying about the future and “what if.”

It felt in that moment my only 2 options to becoming wealthy were:

  1. To find a millionaire
  2. Completely disengage from life and simply save all I earn!

As I began to settle down, I was comforted by this thought:

There’s always a third option.

An unseen, hidden option that no book, teacher or advisor can give you.

It’s the option that will feel easiest and make the most sense to you.

It won’t leave you fearful or overwhelmed, rather it’ll move you into being naturally proactive with your money and everything else in this life.

What is it?


When we’re moved to action from this place we find balance, grace and success.

Doesn’t matter the subject.

Wisdom doesn’t judge and say “well I’ll be here for you in matters of health but not when it comes to cash”.

When I think about it now it’s when not operating from wisdom we get into trouble, even becoming broke.

If you look at homeless people you can guarantee following their wisdom did not get them on the streets.

So what did?


As we fall for these insecure thoughts over and over we make poor choices. 

These thoughts are often so loud and critical in nature that we’ll do anything in excess to escape them to feel better.

Drugs, alcohol, spending, food, sex.

But what if we learned to tune out of the noise and back into our innate wisdom?

What then?

I think the world would be a different place.

For a start we’d choose and behave differently, based on a higher sense of well being for all not just for self.

I’m reminded of this as I read a beautiful book about trees that explains how trees give and receive from one another.

They really don’t do well functioning alone and neither do we!

For example, when one tree is sick, the group around it is feeding it through their roots until it heals.

They’re constantly giving nourishment to others.

What an incredible intelligence within nature, that’s also in us, wanting us to be well, to be in balance , to grow , to give and to receive.

Now the same energy that knows how to do this in trees also knows how to grow your resources and balance your accounts, if you’ll let it.

So, are there practical steps to take like this teacher insists?

Sure there are.

But the most practical step is to follow that hidden option , your best wealth asset called wisdom.

She knows how to get your money in flow and you’ll find that how you use money with her is different to how you use it when you feel insecure.

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