Only Love Is Real ❤️
How often our love can seem obscured as we listen to our habitual thinking about the other person.
Habitual thinking is learned.
Not truth.
It’s sadly louder than love at times but that doesn’t mean the love is gone.
Only love is real.
I am blessed to have learned to recognise the difference between the judgemental and fearful noise in my head VS the voice of love.
It saved my relationship many times.
It stopped me taking everything so personally.
It gave me the remaining years of Francesco’s life as the best years of our love.
It’s allowing me a warm fuzzy feeling through this grieving process instead of a deeply regretful experience.
Remember, with the person in front of you there’s only love.
Within you there’s only love.
In the end there’s only love.
The rest is just the noise we create.❤️