Here are the 3 signs that you’ve been lost in negative thoughts for too long:

1) Mood goes down

You’ll feel in a low mood, bad mood and are taking things personally.

2) Tension goes up

You feel uptight, self-conscious and tense in parts of the body.
Your breathing may get faster or more irregular.
Everyone is a bit irritating and things feel like they’re taking too long.

3) Pain or Sleep disruption

You start experiencing physical pain, in that usual area you seem to get it in  OR you have difficulty with your sleep, including falling asleep or staying asleep.

These symptoms might all be the “norm” for you but they point to the quality of thinking you’re living in.

When we live in low quality thinking continually, say 12-15hr per day we start to experience these symptoms.

This is actually a gift!

It’s a way the body is telling us when we’re lost in thought.

Of course being lost in negative , insecure thought we’ll do anything to seek relief.

OCD behaviour.

So, next time you’re judging yourself about over-indulging or not being disciplined around any of your “bad” habits, just stop and remember your innocence!

Seeing this innocence in yourself and those around you is the key to peace and happiness.

And as we live more from this place, we have less need to engage the habits we’re judging in the first place.

Tell me what you’re hearing in this one?

I hope it was helpful.



Comment below and let us know what you’re hearing.


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