Yesterday after lunch I watched a film called Lion.

It’s the story of a small boy who gets lost in India when he ends up falling asleep on an empty train that un-expectantly departs and travels over 1600KM to Calcutta.

Now in a foreign city without the language and faced with life on the streets, we watch how the boy navigates life trying to get back home.

All he’s got to rely on his own wisdom and boy does it keep him out of trouble.

First this wisdom shows up as warnings when he’s almost kidnapped and then later when he senses the sweet lady who has taken him in isn’t so sweet after all.

He’s correct to run as fast as he can, as she’s about to sell him.

Later this wisdom shows up in the form of constant nudging, when the boy, now a man living in Australia, feels urged more and more to find his original home.

In all cases the boy showed fearlessness and resilience against some of life’s scariest circumstances.

That inner GPS never let him down and as a result he ends up adopted by a kind family in Australia, gets well educated and eventually is able to track his home town (with the help of technology too) where he re-unites with his mother.

On meeting after 25 years she reminded him she’d called him “Sheru” meaning LION.

I believe we all have this Lion within us, this ability to face life’s challenges with the help of our best friend, Wisdom.

Often we don’t realize how strong we are and what’s available to us, until we have to, until we’re lost.

Lost in self-doubt, insecurities, un-fulfilment or stress.

It’s our wisdom that connects us back home.

Home to our innate wellbeing, resilience, confidence and potential.

Children have wisdom, animals have wisdom and YOU have wisdom.

If you’ll learn to tune in and trust it, it’ll keep you out of trouble, even better it’ll open you up to opportunities and a deep sense of purpose alongside a confidence you never knew you had.


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