Recently I watched one of my favourite movies, The Last Samaurai.
I’m not usually into anything involving war but the way the Japanese Samaurai lived and fought really touched me.

Before going into any battle they retreated.

During this time they meditated, chanted, got quiet and accessed their wisdom , which often revealed to them exactly what was going to happen on the battle field and what they needed to do to win against bigger armies.

There’s a particular scene where one of the characters, a former American army captain, who is being held captive by the Samaurai, finds himself practicing their ways including a sword fight game, but he keeps losing.

Eventually one of the Samaurai comes to him and says:

“Too much mind”.

“Mind about the people, mind about failing, mind about everything”.

He then looks at the captain pointing to his head and shouts:

“No mind!”

So the captain goes back to the game and takes a moment dropping out of his mind and all his self-conscious and anxious thinking about winning.

He becomes super present in the moment and with that his wisdom reveals how the game will play out and what he needs to do to win.

This is the beauty of “No mind”.

When we fall out of our thinking, especially our habitual and insecure thinking, we fall into that deep wisdom that reveals our way and the easiest path to success.

Not only that but we show up differently, with a confidence we didn’t know we had!

No longer lost in the noise of our constant self-concerned thinking we touch that innate confidence within.

We even have the power to foresee the obstacles and what we need to do to remove them to win our game.

How powerful our wisdom is!

I can’t think of anything more crucial to the success of whatever you’re creating or wanting to create than this.

Literally having “No mind” and wisdom as your guide.

I am committed to helping you experience that because when that happens life flows.

You awaken a celestial confidence and deep self-trust that’s simply unshakeable, the world can’t help but notice and you’ll effortlessly win your game.

If this speaks to you I invite you to discover how retreating in Italy can help you access that deeper wisdom and confidence and help you let go all that self-doubt & anxious thinking.

For a short time, I’m including 3 private one-on-one coaching calls when you book a retreat in Italy.
This allows us to start working together immediately to start making the shifts in your life now.

Then, on retreat, you’ll experience a full immersion of the above, a deep dive into your true passions, purpose and exactly what your wisdom is calling you to.

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