So often we’re resisting life, we don’t like what’s happening, we want things to be different, we won’t collaborate and we desperately hold on.

Sometimes though we’re forced into collaboration and I had that experience this very weekend.

My family dog had to be put down.

It wasn’t easy, 14 years of love and constant collaboration with life and us.

Our dog was a great teacher in non-resistance.

Even as we brought him to the vet, knowing the inevitable was likely to occur, he collaborated, jumping in the car despite his failing back legs, jumping out and into the vet’s office, despite hating the place.

Laying down his beautiful head, surrendering to the next step.

To the ego it can look naïve or weak to simply collaborate with life.

Like we might die.

Because yes, indeed we might!

The part of us that’s holding on dearly for life doesn’t want that, it’ll put up a fight.

Anything but go with life.

Animals don’t have such “self-concerned” thinking, with nothing to prove they accept life and death in equal measure.

It seems to me now that our human struggle would simply dissolve if we’d just do the same.

This starts with accepting what is as it is and letting go when we need to let go.

It starts with following the whispers of wisdom, those inklings you get when you wake up first thing.

Those ideas that flash in when you’re not thinking about yourself and those invitations you receive that usually elicit an immediate “NO”  should you dare to collaborate.

This week I dare you to collaborate, whatever’s going on, whatever comes your way and whatever you’re facing.

You might be tempted to force your way through it all or to take an unapologetic stance against life but just notice how that feels to you?

The feeling will tell you everything.

Whether you’re resisting and struggling or collaborating and succeeding.

In the end life and death requires our collaboration.

And when we’re not collaborating with life, following those wisdom whispers, it impacts our health, our relationships, and our business.

Our lives simply don’t work out.

Yet the moment we let go and stop trying to figure life out or get it right or change what’s happening, that’s when life gets simple ,things unfold beautifully and always in our favour.

That’s when we find a graceful way through any challenge, sometimes experiencing incredible solutions to major problems….

Sometimes receiving opportunities we couldn’t have dreamed of…..

And other times simply finding an inner resilience that helps us accept and navigate pain,frustration and even death.

I know for some it can be difficult to discern when wisdom is calling, our insecurities have been in the driving seat for so long.

It’s about learning to trust yourself deeply again, to hear and finally act on what you’re being called to.

If you’d like support in finding that place and help through whatever resistance you currently face, schedule your call here

**In loving memory of Louie**


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