It was Dec 2014 and I was waking up in a hotel in Miami facing a very big decision around my business.


A mentor was offering to take me to a 7-figure level and this was the day I was to give my answer.


I’d wrestled with what to do for weeks on end, even losing sleep over it and going back and fourth on the decision.


That morning though, as I woke up I had my epiphany…..


“Retreat” was what I heard.


It didn’t make sense to my colleagues or the rest of the world.


Why take your foot off the success pedal at this pivotal moment in time?


But I trusted that wisdom and I didn’t sign on the dotted line.


Instead I went in search of a much-needed retreat.


The one I came across was based upon an understanding that our wellbeing is innate and that instead of improving ourselves to feel it, we could access it as we paid less attention to insecure thoughts.


This struck a cord of truth with me and during that retreat my mind got so quiet that I was able to access an insight, something that deeply changed the course of my life and how I was operating.


This is the beauty of a retreat vs a bit of coaching here and there.


Combined with a change of environment, being in an unrushed container of time where there’s a chance to go deep, we deepen into our true nature.


We HEAR ourselves, sometimes for the first time.


So what I found through retreating was far beyond what I knew I was looking for.


It was a life overhaul in the short space of a few days that went on to influence how I showed up in the world and my business.


It left me feeling a deep sense of self-compassion and over time I realized that the change that had occurred in me made it a way gentler experience of being me.


Before this I drowned in habitual self-judgment and criticism, comparisons and doubt, which informed my behaviour and habits.


It was a no brainer to me that I too would introduce retreats to clients as a means to slowing down to the speed of love and helping them access their own life changing insights.


In a world full of striving and action it can seem paradoxical, even indulgent to consider a retreat, yet it is often the exact remedy required.


In retreating we give ourselves permission to escape the habitual noise and thinking that renders us exhausted in day-to-day life.


A radical act of self-love and a statement of readiness for deep transformation, going on retreat literally sends the signal that we’re wide open for change.


Traveling out of the comfort zone and into the unknown declares our willingness for this change.


And it is this very willingness that we can rely on, for in our willingness to go somewhere new, to retreat from the madness of the world, we see something new and deeper that transforms us from the inside out.


For example, one client who attended my retreat in Puglia, Italy came feeling frustrated about where she was at this point in her life.


She had the idea that she should be building a business and far more productive, (this was despite caring for a cancer ridden father in the preceding months and then dealing with his harrowing death),


This client, in her exhaustion, knew that time out and a deeper coaching support via retreat was required.


In her willingness to travel forward to put herself first for once and ask for help with her kids while she took herself off for retreat, she discovered her own deeper truth, that in fact business is of no interest to her and most of her frustrations reside in the fact she’d not been painting and writing and expressing herself creatively.


Retreats leave no space to hide, for as we go within we HEAR our wisdom and the call of our true nature, this is why it is indeed a radical act.


Who wants to hear the call of art when they’ve decided business is more noble?


Yet it is in this hearing that life is simplified, for now we can get on track now we SEE the next step, the soul call and in following this the mess, the exhaustion, the lack and depletion gets cleared up.


To enquire about a private retreat with Grace contact here. Next group retreat: Puglia, Italy May 1st-3rd, and Manifesting Miracles.