“Confidence Is, when Self-Conciousness Isn´t” 

I was recently preparing for my trip to Paris when I came across a former photo shoot I did in the city of lights.

Thing is when I look at the photos from back then I’m struck by my lack of light. As you’ll see below I barely smile.

These were the years I was so lost in insecure thoughts about myself and so self-concerned about my image that I just couldn’t relax in myself never mind in front of the camera! Life was lived very self conscious and this showed up as a constant tension in my belly and my smile.

As I sit here now sipping Veuve Cliquot overlooking the Seine, I’m amazed at the change in myself from those few shorts years ago. I’m amazed because I didn’t do anything in particular to go from self-conscious to more confident rather I saw something new about my experience.

This is the beauty and power of insight. As we see something new from within we naturally change without.

It was on retreat with a group of lovely people that my mind got quiet enough to see something new, I finally woke up to the never ending dialogue in my head, the one that had berated me as less than for years.

I distinctly remember my whole body relaxing into the chair the moment I woke up from thought. This insight has continued to filter into my world, leaving me with ever increasing experiences of ease and a feeling of GRACE. It’s even helped me grow a whole new client base!

I’ve seen this to be true for my clients too, as they pierce through those insecure thoughts and quieten down their worried minds on our coaching calls, they too wake up from tension, stress and self-consciousness, to experience a naturally confident bigger Self that the world can’t help but notice. The Self they know so well from childhood before they learned to separate and compare.

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