It’s been a full year since our rebrand took place and I’m thrilled that I finally went through with it all!

I thought it may be helpful for you to hear a few key steps that made all the difference in this rebrand and made it a successful endeavor.


Step1: Timing

I absolutely knew that it was time to rebrand when….

Everything was feeling old and I started dreading showing up in my old brand because I just wasn’t there anymore.

Much like when you know a relationship is over, you know it’s time for a new brand when it feels out of alignment and doesn’t reflect you anymore.

Step 2: Clarity on my purpose

It would have been impossible to rebrand if I didn’t know exactly how I wanted to leave my mark.

Having clarity on my deeper purpose and then developing offers in alignment with, made the copy writing, photo shooting and overall designing way easier.

I took myself through my signature Passion Process and got really clear on exactly what lights me up again and what I’m here to dedicate my life to. This made it easy to communicate what I’m all about, it also helped me define the name of my brand and the tag line!

Step3: Story telling

Knowing my deeper purpose and having clearer offers, I decided to tell my story in video form.

This was a first for me, as in the other brand, I’d always hide behind a blog.

Coming out on video with a brand story was so impactful and made clearer by deeply understanding my message and how I can help you.

It also helped my audience connect with my energy and alignment, because it wasn’t just my words, now you could see all of me.

Overall NOT COMPLICATING my brand was KEY.

If you’d love help with either transitioning from the way you currently help clients to something deeper or new….


Help around brand development or rebranding….

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