“Cut off from innate wisdom, a lost thinker experiences isolation, fear and confusion.” Syd Banks

One of the most distinct times I heard my wisdom, happened during rush hour in London.

I was en route to work and experienced a mild anxiety attack.

I’d been exhausted for months and working hard in a job I didn’t love as a schoolteacher.

This anxiety attack, which rendered me breathless , happened on the Tube ,  it was all I could do to get off that train and make my way to a stairwell.

As I sat there watching hundreds of people run to catch their trains to get to work, likely to a job they didn’t even like, I realized I didn’t want to live like this anymore, always tired, uninspired, broke and burning-out .

I heard my wisdom say there was a better way to live.

I knew in my heart that we weren’t here to suffer through it in jobs we don’t enjoy for money we hardly make.

But I didn’t know what else I could do, how I could work and earn.

Teaching was my first and only career so I assumed I would spend most of my life in a classroom.

Wisdom had another idea though, it didn’t care about my small mind insecurities and within 6 months of this incident, I got the nudge and received the invitation to simply leave my job.

This invitation was most unexpected as it came through my partner who had decided he’d had enough of London living and wanted to move back to Italy.

Whilst I wasn’t wanting to leave my city life behind, I knew this was wisdom’s way of moving me to my desire.

So I took the leap and quit , despite not knowing what would be next and later figured out a new way to serve.

People thought I was very confident to do this, to leave my job , give up my salary and move to a country where I didn’t speak the language, but when you’re acting on wisdom it seems  a natural trust and confidence, a deep knowingness emerges.

Overtime I’ve seen how my wisdom has supported me time and again :

It got me out of that day job when I’d no idea how I would ever do it.

Helped me generate a consistent six figures,  four years running in a brand new business.

Saved me from a life threatening situation in Northern Ireland , when I was just 11 years old.

Had me sit next to my future partner on an airplane, when I’d just suffered a break-up.

It might seem like a kind of airy fairy way to live life , especially to quit your job,by simply following that hunch you get and waiting and see how your opportunity will show up…

But I’ve learned over time  that we can trust this wisdom, that it’s always working on our behalf.

The more we relax into that,  listen to and follow that, the more we’re  supported along the way.

I don’t recommend my way of quitting to everyone and I don’t believe it requires you to have a partner on the same page, this worked for me because that’s what I was guided to do, what will work for you will differ.

I’ve seen people I coach feel they have no connection to this beautiful gift of wisdom, only to settle down their busy minds  and get exact guidance about what to do so.

Some got the call to quit their jobs by going part time, others to ask for a sabbatical, some to start a business on the side.

Here’s what’s universal about them all, each individual had access to their own wisdom , no longer lost in insecure thought they  found a way to break free, to move forward , then acted on that, until eventually they were out on their own following the next path.

That’s the power of wisdom, it’s like our own personal GPS system.

It’s always trying to get us to what we want, our job is to act on it.

Yet how often do we think that it’s up to us to make things happen?

How often do we ignore this incredible gift that’s always nudging us?

How often do we doubt our own wisdom or decline the invitation wisdom has for us, in favour of other people’s opinion?

Next time you’re faced with a decision, like quitting your job or moving or starting something new, take a moment and notice what’s coming to you, fight the urge to go ask tons of people for advice or to binge online for the “how to” or to go make it happen by your own force and instead, trust what’s occurring and see what comes to you.

I promise your wisdom has a far easier path than anything you might think up with your limited mind and as you trust and  act on that,  you’ll see your dream come true.

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