The last few days have been painful.
My mood dropped drastically.
Found myself swimming in a very murky , dull lake of loss.
The best I could do was watch TV, sleep, drink, eat potato chips.
The worst was blaming myself for doing this.
“I should know better”
“It’s clear the elevator has gone to the basement”
That’s the downside to being a coach, you become your own worst enemy at times.
I had the wisdom to tune out…
I found myself watching Fran’s favourite TV show, Friends and my mood lightening.
Laughter was in the air.
Then I’d go back to
“You should be doing something else”.
Siesta was a way to rest my head and get a release from thoughts.
It came to me on a coaching call that there’s really nothing better to be doing than finding a way to feel better.
Who cares what the vehicle is for that!
I love how wisdom guides me to feel better by any means possible.
I love that even in our darkest moments we have free will to let ourselves off the hook and in doing so we always fall back into the moment.
Anything , anything that gets you into the enjoyment of the moment is worth doing.
Only you are judging you.
So for a few days I’ve swam in the lake of loss and got across it by watching Friends and all the rest.
I lightened up and today taking a client call I got the icing on the cake.
As I helped someone else get off their own hook, I let myself off mine further.
Felt better than ever.
Best job in the world.

Thanks for bearing witness to my journey all ❤️