Yesterday I was driving back from spending time with Fran’s parents.
Because there was snow on the roads I decided to take a route that Fran and I used to take.
I’d never done it alone so invoked his support.
Driving along I remembered all the times we took that route, the way he concentrated on the road, I’d look at him and his perfect jaw line as he was driving along.
The way he got annoyed at the traffic lights when they went red and how he turned up the radio to sing along to the songs.
In a moment of yearning to be close to him I asked him for a song.
He’s good at getting through to me this way.
Some nights when I’ve needed help or an answer I’ve literally woken up hearing a song in my head.
A little later when I felt the impulse I switched on the radio and a beautiful song was playing in English.
The words were him speaking directly to me.
“You’ll never be lost on me”
“It all came to an end too soon”
“I’m closer than you know”
The fact the song was in English (the only language we spoke together as a couple) also reinforced his message.
I kept driving, now with tears of gratitude rolling down my face.
It is so comforting to know that our love,like our lives, is eternal.
Yes it changes form but it doesn’t mean it’s gone.
I love asking Francesco for very tangible signs and get giddy with gratitude and excitement when they come bursting forth.
Please let this give you hope today that you have not been left behind.
You have not been abandoned.
Your loved ones and waiting in the wings ready to help you, to show you, to surprise and delight you.
Just ask.
Be in your happiness.
Be in your well-being.
Be in your highest vibration.
And ask.
They’ll always deliver.
Just notice their signs.