I’ve been keeping a record of how Francesco is touching my life.
This connection to his non-physical is rich and the manifestations are very quick and very reflective of his unique talents.
For example, Fran was so good and quick at FIXING things, everything from computers to TVs, phones, people’s problems, he was the ultimate problem solver.
People sought him out for his steadfast certainty and reliability.
Lately, I’ve been asking for help from him in fixing certain things.
The other day I was nervous about updating my passport online but I prayed to him for help and speed.
I had to go on the computer and upload a digital photo, my old passport and make the payment online.
After my first 2 attempts I was disheartened when the screen said “We can’t accept this photo”.
I’d gone to a professional local photographer to get my digital passport photo , this would mean having to go again.
I got still and said ” Babe please help me with this”.
I was then guided to upload the original photo file and bingo, “Your passport application has been accepted proceed to payment.”
I get to the payment page and all goes through only to receive a message saying that the turn around for passports is very slow.
That until Ireland comes out of lockdown only then will applications be processed.
Again I asked ” Baby move this one along quickly, whoever is on the other side move them to process mine in good time”.
You can imagine my surprise and delight when 48hrs later my mother writes me to say my new passport had already arrived!
She was shocked too given the queues at home.
I expected weeks maybe months, instead with my beloved’s help it was fixed and delivered in 2 days!
I’m really seeing that we can call on the expertise of our loved ones.
Like I said Fran was so good at tech and fixing things, I used to call on him everyday as I got frustrated with my computer or my phone or even simple things at home and he’d sort it.
“My babe fixes everything” was my mantra to him.
He loved that he could help.
I’m relieved that he is still fixing everything (I’ll share more stories if you like) from where he now stands.
Whatever your loved one was good at call on their wisdom.
They’re there waiting to guide and help you.
I think we only have to ask. ❤️