Today the grief fog lifted.
I woke up hearing Bob Marley
“Every little things goin be ok”.
I knew Francesco had planted that in my head.
A beautiful sign plus a deep feeling of love and connection.
So I got showered and dressed and after a double espresso I accompanied his father to the food market in the city.
It’s so vibrant in there.
Everyone’s shouting their competing prices for the freshest of fruit, veg and fish.
We were on a mission to get 4Kilo of cozze.
Taranto is famous for mussels which is on the menu tonight.
As we drove to the market I enjoyed the music Fran’s Dad has on the radio, the dial is set to l’anni sessanta (1960’s).
The songs are so old fashioned that they transport you in time.
Coupled with the old buildings of Taranto the music was fitting for the view on the car drive.
It felt like a movie set.
I’d forgotten how much Francesco loved to sing, loved music.
Like his father , he would switch on the radio in the car and start belting out loud whatever was playing.
No wonder he’s now getting me through songs!
It’s a beautiful education living with my in laws.
Not only am I taking a crash course in Pugliese cooking but I’m also picking up the local dialect very easily.
They find this endearing.
I find it comforting.
I think if you’re going to be in relationship with someone it’s wonderful to embrace their family, to see where they’re coming from.
I’ve lived with Fran’s family before, usually between houses when we were moving, something about coming back this time shows me more.
Maybe I get the language or the culture better.
Most of all I get him here and that’s warming to my heart.
Music and market and Bob Marley’s song have given me a great lift today.
He’s smiling down.
Much love,
G ❤️