I’ve had a lot of time to get familiar with when my mood has dropped.
This has meant I don’t make more meaning out of the drop, which means I suffer less, even in the face of grief.
Here are 6 indicators of a drop (from Dr Bill Petit) that may be personal or universal.
Let’s see if you recognise them for you too.
Signs of a mood drop/drop in consciousness
1- Seriousness instead of lightheartedness
2-Anxiety or more anxious than normal
3-Tension, pain beginning to express in the body
4-Low quality thoughts about myself and other people
5-Old habits emerging , compulsion to seek relief.
6- Poor communication with others leading to stressful relationships.
It is super helpful to catch your signs of a drop , it makes for a more graceful experience of life where you’re not constantly cleaning up personal relationships and you’re not frequently having to put out fires .
Do you know your signs or recognise yourself in these?