Are you struggling to receive clients and to communicate exactly how you can help people and what you offer?

Do you have many ideas and passions but can’t seem to narrow them down into a simple message that people can relate to?

Do you feel like you can’t be visible or move forward with marketing & selling because you’re still not clear on what makes you unique?

Do you want to leave a job behind and you can’t go back to what you used to do but you don’t know what’s next for you ?

If you’re answering yes to these questions
then you’re in the right place!

Getting clear on and meaning your message is THE secret to easy marketing & sales

When you’re not clear on your message, ideal clients and customers are lost as to why they should work with you, making sales, marketing and creating programmes a struggle.

Getting clear on your message is what brings YOU into your selling and communicating power.

It fills you with a sense of confidence, clarity, & purpose when you’re able to say what you can really do for people, what you’re all about and people HEAR YOU.

It awakens certainty & even brings you into financial flow since meaning your message does the selling for you.

What You Experience When You Dont Have Clarity on Your Message:
  • Unworthy
  • Confused
  • In Doubt
  • Fearful
  • Fraudulent
  • Competitive
  • Disconnected
  • Feeling Isolated
  • Major Difficulty Writing Your Mailers and Any Copy
  • Lacking Clients, Impact & Income
  • Wanting to Change, but Can’t
  • Going Around In Circles
  • Copying/ Emulating Others
  • Floundering
  • Unfocused
  • Frustrated
  • Lethargic
  • Invisible
  • Stuck
What You Experience When You Finally Get a Stylish Message You Love:
  • Joyful
  • Excited
  • Purposeful
  • At Peace
  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Confident
  • Clear
  • Satisfied
  • Happy
  • Wealthy
  • “On Brand”
  • In Love With Life
  • Connected and Supported
  • Clear on Your Value
  • Able to Easily Express It
  • Recognized
  • Attractive
  • Magnetic
  • In Flow

My Story

From insecurity to success

I’m Grace Kelly and not that long ago I was stuck lacking clarity on my message and essentially what I had to offer the world that made an impact and also had me confidently stand out in this busy coaching crowd.

This lack of clarity kept me stuck in a day job for far too long and even once I had the courage to get out of that job it kept me stuck again in a cycle of frustration because I couldn’t create programmes and start the marketing needed to receive clients.

You see by not being crystal clear on what my message was, I had little to say, in fact I ended up getting a client once every 6 months!

Everything was a struggle, communicating, marketing, visibility and sales.

I knew I loved helping people and I was good at lot’s of different things but being able to narrow all this down into one clear and powerful message that spoke directly to clients proved difficult for me.

At some point I got so frustrated and found myself so financially stuck and dependent on my man that I knew something had to change.

This one thing was stalling all of my business…

Why? Because I still could not clearly communicate my message and value or what I could do for others.

Mailers and marketing would be so hard to write and forget videos or public speaking engagements I was missing opportunities everywhere, trying to please everyone but reaching no-one.

The turning point came when it occurred to me my business was totally on hold and I could end up back in a day job all because I didn’t have this ONE essential ingredient figured out.

I made the decision right then there and then that I wasn’t going to stay stuck and unclear anymore, it was literally costing me my business, relationship and wellbeing.

I sought expert support fast since I knew I couldn’t any longer try and fight this thought storm alone.

As a result of having someone else laser in on my gifts, I got out of my fog and became crystal clear on my stylish message, the one that was a reflection of all of what I could do, the one that allowed me to then create and sell programmes easily.

And with this clarity I also learned exactly who my services were for.

Finally I began to move forward in my life and business.


In fact, within 30 days I went from 0 to 10 regular high-end clients!

Today I’m visible with my message and as a result I get to run a successful and global business that sees me travelling the world working with high end clients in super stylish locations like Beverly Hills, Paris and Rome.

Not only that but sales and programme creation is a whole different experience for me, it’s a pleasure to simply be connected to your truth, to a message that does most of the hard work for you.

It is my intention that you will receive the same level of clarity, confidence and ease with creating,selling and marketing your programmes as a result of getting clear on your message.


I’m here to help you create your most stylish message, business and overall brand.

Your Invitation

6 Weeks Group Programme Fully Recorded Digital Course

Joy, Purpose, & Ease

I’d like to welcome you to an exclusive 6-Week Group programme with me where you can finally narrow down your passions and get your clear and powerful (stylish) message once and for all.

Having clarity on my message has allowed me to stay out of my 9-5 job and instead work with clients from around the world and to host 1 day intensives and retreats in stylish Cities from Beverly Hills, to Paris, to Rome, New York and London.

It’s also given me the opportunity to be highly visible, embracing videos, Facebook Live and even being positioned as an expert by high end media such as Forbes, The Sunday Times and Soul & Spirit.

If you’re ready to start serving clients in a stylish way and you’re ready to experience the pure joy, purpose, & ease that comes from being clear on exactly what you’re all about, what your message is and what you’re up to in the world , so you can easily create, market and sell your services, attract press, media, and speaking opportunities, this course will teach you precisely how to do just that!


Mean Your Message is an exclusive 6-Week group programme that will teach you how to narrow down all your passions and interests into a clear and  stylish message that has ideal clients recognise why they’d work with you.

You will learn how to craft a message that clearly reflects you so you can communicate it easily through your copy, blogging, social media presence and more,  you will be able to  easily create, market & sell your services AND/OR leave your job behind and start something new now you have a message you mean!


By the end of this programme you will :

  • Be clear on exactly what your message is
  • Know how to communicate in a way clients can relate to and they get what you do
  • Understand ways to start sharing and marketing your message
  • Know key components to use when creating programmes and offers
  • Feel confident on the value you provide, so you never feel like a fraud or question your prices again


Here are the modules for the course:

Week 1- Getting clear

This week we’re setting the foundations for your success. You’ll learn exactly how to get out of the thought storms so you can start moving forward with clarity.

  • Learn the fastest ways to get out of feeling stuck and unclear about your true message.
  • Move beyond overwhelm and confusion into certainty about what you can help others with.
  • Breakthrough any fears you have about being visible with your gifts.

Week 2- Awakening confidence

This week we’re delving deep on the difference between the confident you and the insecure you.

  • Understand when wisdom is talking vs your intellect.
  • Learn to recognise when you’re stuck in discouragement and how to get out of it.
  • Move beyond your insecurities, doubt and worry about what others will think of you.
  • Learn how to tap into your innate confidence and become the confident woman who’s in alignment with her message and isn’t afraid to share it consistently.

Week 3- What makes you unique

This week we’re uncovering what’s unique about you and why clients will be attracted to you. You might also discover your ideal client if you don’t already know him/her.

  • Discover what’s unique about you and your journey that clients will relate to so you can stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Learn what aspects of your personal journey and story to share and what not to share.
  • Breakthrough any comparison thoughts you have so you can move into action.
  • Learn how to create rapport and connection with your audience and clients using your personal
    story and journey.

Week 4- Discover your true message

This week you’re finally ready to combine what we’ve covered so far and narrow down all of what you love into ONE powerful and stylish message!

  • “Cut through the noise” and narrow down to your ONE stylish message that clients easily recognise why they’d work with you.
  • Discover your ideal client and who your message is suited for.
  • Translate your message into the language your ideal clients can relate to.
  • Gain clarity on how to use your message effectively so you can start your own biz.

Week 5- Programmes and Pricing

This week you’ll discover how to put together a programme ,service or offer that reflects your message.

  • Learn what to include and not to include in your programme or services.
  • Get Grace’s key components for programmes that attract clients.
  • Discover the true value of what you’re doing with people.
  • Learn how to price your programmes accordingly.

Week 6- Marketing & Sales

This week you’ll learn ways to effectively communicate and market your message including where to start sharing for visibility fast.


  • Discover easy places to start sharing your message so clients can connect with you.
  • Learn the best practices needed to bring ideal clients directly to you.
  • Learn exactly how to share your message powerfully & authentically in your copy, mailers , subject lines and marketing materials.
  • Discover how to go from 0-10 clients by simply meaning and sharing your message.

I was able to bring in $10K in Sales In just 1 month!

Within 24 hours of signing up for coaching with Grace (and immediately after our first call) I sold my first 5K programme, recouping my investment!

This positive momentum went on to have me create 10K in my business in the space of 30days! I couldn’t be more grateful to find a mentor and style of business that supports me in combining divine guidance, purpose, financial abundance and FREEDOM all in one.

Jessica Caver,

Within 6 weeks of working with Grace I had my highest month in business!

With Grace’s support I successfully created and sold my services at higher rates and now get to work with my ideal clients , hosting intensives in stylish locations.

After getting clear on my stylish business offer I was able to generate a total of almost 40K in the space of 90 days, on top of that I’m more visible to my niche knowing what I can offer them and exactly who they are I now get to work with my ideal clients and Graces coaching expertise holds me at a higher level than I had previously envisioned for myself. Sarah Leather, TEDx Speaker & Writer, Transformational Coach to Women in Holistic Health Professions

By Participating In This Programme, You Will:


  • Discover and have certainty about your message! Be visible communicating in the language your ideal clients will easily get.
  • Learn what makes you unique so you can stand out from others in your industry.
  • Gain understanding on what’s truly important to you so you can be in alignment and in integrity with your business and make effective decisions in your life.
  • mark1Become more visible with clarity on your message and start sharing this message using social media or other platforms.
  • Learn the value of what you’re really doing with people so you can start charging your worth.
  • Gain an insight into who your ideal client is and learn best practices to bring ideal clients to you.
  • Develop confidence in yourself and what you’re here to do so you can leave your job and start something new,become visible as a credible expert.
  • Be able to communicate, market and write your copy , mailers and blogs way more easily with an in depth understanding on what you’re all about!
  • Move out of comparison and feel connected with yourself and the world again so you can begin to create everything you desire in the most authentic and stylish way!
  • Rise above insecurities about marketing and sales that might be holding you back – learn how to make these tools work for you and leverage the financial rewards.
  • Get out of hiding and fears about what people will say about you and learn to own your message and share it well.

Why mean your message?

You can’t sell what you don’t yet see or believe .

A message you mean holds a lot of power, people feel it energetically when you’re connected and in alignment with what you can do for others.

Your powerful, clear and stylish message has you feel certainty. It’s not you selling “hype” so you won’t ever feel like a fraud, you’ll find yourself authentically sharing with the world.

A stylish message is also one you can communicate and verbalise easily in a way that ideal clients can relate to and understand.

** If you already have a message that’s working for you but you’ve hit a plateau in your business and you’re feeling bored and want something new then getting clear on your most stylish message is the perfect next step for you too!**


Why you need support with getting your message clear:

We can’t think our way out of a thought storm!

All of us need support to be gracefully opened up to the potential, the gifts and the purpose we’re here to serve.

Most clients I work with are immune to their own greatness, they’re lost in so much insecure thought that they are blind to their next steps, their true message, their story, personal strengths, worth and what they’re able to offer the world.

Having unbiased support and entering into a group vortex of strong women who are all committed to getting their clarity once and for all can only create positive results.

If you haven’t been clear on your message or you’ve not had an easy time being visible, promoting or selling what you’ve got ,what’s the chances that’s going to suddenly change by doing the same thing alone again?


I understand that the 6-week course includes:

  • The 6 RECORDED Training Calls & Q+A with Grace


There’s no blueprint nor step by step formula to getting your stylish message, it’s a deeply personal and frankly somewhat spiritual experience.

If you follow the practices advised and you’re committed to gaining the clarity you’ll receive it.

If on the other hand you’re the type of person who signs up for lots of course and you don’t complete them this will be no different.

Grace helped me tap into my core brand and messaging as a transformational life coach and mentor for women.

I Had My First 17K Month and Got My Stylish Brand and Message.

I was able to confidently create and sell a $3k coaching program and have a $17,000 month after working with Grace.

I am now creating high-end offerings with the knowing that I can do it in my own personal style and provide huge value to my clients. Elena Lipson, Divine Self Care Mentor:

I Earned $23,000 in One Month!

As a result of working with Grace and getting very clear on what I am offering and how to work in a more stylish way, I earned $23,000 in one month and I hosted my first ever private intensives in Sydney Australia!

I also then I had my first VIP client sign up to work with me on my largest coaching package ever.

Thank You Grace!! Elaine Grace Copeland,

Within Days of That First Session I Enrolled My First High-End Client.

Following my first intensive session with Grace I got clear on exactly what I was offering and who my ideal client is and experienced a distinct shift in my mind-set .

I was able to believe for the first time that what I desired was possible for me without the ‘struggle’. Within days of that first session I enrolled my first client at £2500.00 and went on to make £5K.

I know understand the power of coaching and without having that support to develop my own mind-set and beliefs for achieving the success I desire, I would likely still be spinning my wheels trying to implement the latest marketing strategy instead of working with my ideal clients and earning what I deserve.

Emily Barrett,

Pay In Full