Francesco’s Eternal nature lives on.
I’m still keeping a record of all the ways he’s showing up.
Also started having conversations with him in my meditation, these have revealed some incredible truths and guidance.
One important share he had was:
You Can’t Get Life Wrong!
That we’re wasting our time thinking we need to get X done before we die.
That this life is for living and enjoying.
I felt a big sigh of relief hearing this, especially as someone who strives to achieve.
Thinking she needs to make better use of her time.
It is so wonderful to have access to him and his wisdom this way.
He’s constantly reminding me he’s here.
“I’m right here”! He says.
Especially when I thinks he’s gone away.
When I asked him in a dream how he connects with me he showed me an image of an earpiece in his ear, I knew he was telling me that I HEAR him.
Apparently that’s called clairaudient.
That’s how we connect most.
It feels good to experience this rich connection.
Today I cried tears of gratitude in the shower, tears that he’s not gone far.
I can’t imagine what it must be like for others who simply believe he’s gone.
My book of evidence that he’s not is growing.
For some reason this proof is also important to me.
But even without the tangible evidence, the feeling tells me everything.
A feeling of deep peace, calm and love that surpasses understanding, even in the midst of grief.
No one can question how you feel.
It’s a knowing that knows and a love that grows beyond the intellectual mind.
I hope this helps you today. ❣️

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