These last 24hrs have been so rich.
I’ve felt overcome with love again recognising Francesco’s touch by the good mood and good feeling I fell into since asking for a physical sign from him yesterday.
It occurred to me that when we met I was in this sort of deeply good feeling and that when he left I now still have access to this deeply good feeling.
Sometimes of course I wish I’d felt this depth of love more often when we were together in this physical world, nothing tastes as good as this.
All human resistance, judgement, expectations gone, what’s left is just pure love.
I can see now that so much love is on offer when we don’t get stuck in our experience of loss.
That’s not always easy but I notice that Francesco can reach me more fully when I’m letting my experience flow vs getting caught in what’s missing or where we got it wrong.
Loss as a doorway to love is how I’m describing my experience and I truly didn’t think that would ever be a possibility.
Turns out it is.
Today I’ve passed time with friends enjoying the city of Taranto where Francesco comes from.
It is beautiful here and he was always proud of his home.
I could feel him everywhere with his gorgeous big smile.
The memories that we shared here didn’t move me into feelings of loss rather feelings of gratitude and love to have experienced this world , his Italian world , together.
Everything tasted better today, the food, the wine, the sun.💗Loss can be a doorway to love.