Yesterday I had a call with a lovely client who recently lost her father, she was experiencing some low moods and innocently the people around her tried to help by reminding her she was grieving.
My client didn’t feel that was true.
In fact she now feels a stronger connection to her father, in non physical form, than when he was alive.
I can validate that is possible.
What she didn’t see was how tired she was.
That her low moods, tears and some unexpected angry outbursts were not to do with the loss of her father but a drop in mood & consciousness.
This drop happens to us humans throughout the day, it’s very normal.
Not realising this was happening and listening to the label of grieving from friends, she began to worry about her experience, feeling like something was wrong.
This is so innocent.
Our mood drops and we don’t see it and then we look for what’s wrong with us.
“Oh it must be because of _______” fill in your blank.
The beauty of a mood drop is that alarm bells begin to ring quickly & loudly.
We’re designed this way to ensure damage control.
First you’ll notice irritation, annoyance, upset, stress, tension.
When we don’t catch this the alarm gets louder:
Anxiety, anger, crying, despair.
Bitches & bastards and old habits we’d kicked begin to emerge.
This is all helpful feedback as to the fact our mood has simply dropped.
I’ve seen that as my elevator of consciousness drops my experience of losing Francesco is just plain awful.
From the lower floors of consciousness I’m swamped with upset, sadness, regret.
There’s a lot of focus on the past.
People call this grief.

But what if grief is nothing more than louder alarm bells inviting us back to the present?

I love that we have this built in system alerting us (via feelings) as to where we are on the elevator of consciousness.

This simple understanding helps all of us stand under life’s losses and upsets with a lot more grace.

So next time you’re feeling low, like the world is an awful place, like they’re all bitches and bastards and you’ll never get over the loss you’ve experienced, please know what’s really going on is a very normal mood drop.

As you allow your experience rather than resist it or judge and fear it, soon enough the same Divine energy that is beating your heart right now will press the “UP” button on your elevator of consciousness and you’ll return to feelings of open heartedness, joy, well-being and connection with loved ones here and passed.

Hope this helps you today.