Graceful Coaching presents:

Living from Wisdom, one day live event London with Grace Kelly

New Date Announcement: January 17th 2019

Brunswick House, London

Including access to the VIP after party! Come join the festive spirit as we celebrate the launch of Grace’s new brand over wine and canapés in London.

Now you can finally get CLEAR on the right decisions and direction for you and your business so you can stop getting lost in head spins and start acting on your ideas.

This is what’s possible for you when you learn to live from wisdom…

You take action more consistently and easily without all the constant questioning.

You end the procrastination and delay to finally launch ideas.

You get unstuck tapping into deeper level of creativity.

You experience a more graceful relationship to money no longer living in freak out.

You operate from a clearer state of mind and higher level of consciousness thereby making the right choices for you and naturally drawing clients to you.

You feel at peace and in wellbeing whereby problems simply get solved and relationships get better.

Ultimately, you ditch the information overload, free up a ton of internal space and access that quieter wisdom filled mind so you can finally create and do everything you’ve always wanted.

And it all happens through a deeply rich experience at our 1-Day LIVE event where you will:

  • Develop a deeper relationship with your own wisdom, finally putting an end to feelings of insecurity, second guessing and self-doubt.
  • Start to trust yourself more and begin to take inspired action consistently.
  • Go from pushing to make things happen in your life to gracefully letting life unfold and seeing the beauty and opportunity that life invites you to as a result.
  • Become your own best expert and stop seeking external validation for every little thing.
  • Learn simple ways to connect more deeply with yourself and your audience.
  • Get over resistance to sharing your message and offers and discover easy low-tech ways to put yourself out there.

Through this experience you can unearth a deeper compassion towards yourself and a gentler inner dialogue about yourself so that you become your own best friend.

Because when you embrace your brilliance, the world reflects it too.

Helped me find peace and leave my job

What makes working with Grace so unique is her personalized approach that elicits clients’ own inner wisdom.

I’ve flown from L.A to attend Grace’s live events and retreats, both have been an all-around delight where you feel yourself transformed not by effort but by the ease of being in Grace’s mentorship.

You absorb change, almost by osmosis, and find yourself joyfully transformed as a result of it. Grace has helped me find peace of mind and direction concerning my career, I’ve gone on to leave my role as a professor at UCLA to finally start my own business doing something I love.

Silvia Kratzer

This is an exclusive invitation for 20 women who are ready to step into alignment in their business and their life and embrace true innate wisdom to attend the special live event.

When you sign-up, you get to spend a day in person live with Grace at the stylish Brunswick House, London where you will receive hotspot coaching and the opportunity to receive customized coaching from Grace.

You’ll connect with an international and inspiring group of people on the path to gracefully changing up their way of living and working.

This is a unique experience of rapidly shifting how you experience life from one of anxiety, stress and insecurity to one of trust, peace, wellbeing and business success.


You’ll be invited to join Grace and her global client base for an after party to celebrate the launch of her new brand!

In less than six months working with Grace, I transformed from being a corporate executive to launching my own international business consulting and coaching clients and companies.

Grace has helped me connect deeper with my inner truth, gain clarity what my career desires are, what my corporate exit strategy is and then how best to package my expertise and gain more confidence in showing up, serving and creating the life I desire.

I highly recommend amazing Grace’s inspirational coaching style if you are ready for your own career transformation.

Ivana Sretenovic, Transformational Business Consultant & Coach

If you are feeling that inner call that this is for you…


Because when we aren’t trusting ourselves and living from wisdom…

  • We have to make things happen often getting tired and frustrated in the process.
  • We constantly doubt our ideas and decisions leaving no space for action.
  • We end up procrastinating and checked out.
  • We feel disconnected and relationships become difficult.
  • Overwhelm becomes the norm and our lives get messy.
  • We keep looking outside ourselves for validation.
  • Everything needs to be perfect.
  • We beat ourselves up when things go wrong or don’t happen at all.

And yet, the moment we begin to TRUST ourselves and ALIGN in our wisdom…

  • Flow emerges.
  • All sorts of unforeseen help comes forward.
  • Our minds and lives are less cluttered, there’s space to create.
  • We don’t need to self-medicate but instead enjoy whatever we do.
  • We respect ourselves and deepen in confidence for following through.
  • We make decisions in alignment with wisdom and we don’t regret the choices we choose.
  • We enjoy our career/business exactly as it is AND we know what we want next!
  • We feel happy and enjoy life more, drawing new opportunity/clients to us.
  • Life gets easy.
  • We’re on purpose no longer questioning what we’re meant to do.
  • We’re in gentle action rather than constant hesitation.

This is your opportunity to start making the shift.

Are you ready to join us?

Earlybird Offer! Sign up now and instantly receive:

3 Inspiring GraceNote videos to support you in connecting more deeply with your wisdom

The How They Got Started interview series with Grace’s top mentors and favourite experts


Earlybird offer includes access to the VIP after party to celebrate the launch of Grace’s new brand over wine and canapes!

Join Grace and her international client base for a gorgeous evening of celebration where you will meet new people, have inspiring conversations and enjoy canapes and wine, in style, before heading out in London town.

I’ve gone on to host my own retreats!

I got so lost in all the online stuff that I became very overwhelmed and disconnected from myself, then I found Grace and in our time together I feel I’ve come home to myself in a whole new way.

I’ve experienced an innate confidence, clarity and grounded-ness that I never knew was possible .

After attending her retreat in Italy I’m smiling from the inside out these days, feeling so connected to my business direction and how I can help my clients.

I’ve gone on to leave a job, host my own retreats, sell my first ever 3 month package and now enjoy my business.

Margaret McDonald

My success was rapid and not typical of someone entering a brand new industry; in fact in the first 6 months of my business I crossed the 6-figure mark and went on to generate over quarter of a million dollars whilst travelling the world seeing clients in luxury locations from Beverley Hills to Rome, London, Paris and St. Tropez.