This was so him.
Always playing with me, even in the professional photoshoots 💞
When I think about my beautiful Francesco the words…
COMMITTED come to mind.
So much more too but these 3 things I’ve been asking him for.
He evoked these energies so readily and easily.
“Lighten up babe” is what I hear him say to me.
He won’t let me sit and cry.
“Why you cry”? He says it everytime.
Even as I do my meditation I see him making funny faces at me.
He lived with such a light heart and he was a brave heart, I’m still confused how on earth he could die from an attack of the heart.
It doesn’t make sense, it never will.
In the meantime I’m given meaning and hopefulness with this new, rich formless connection to him.
Asking him to shower me with his fun spirit, his reliability & his committment to follow through on everything.
I love that we can invite the energies and expertise of our loved ones.
I love that our love is eternal beyond this physical form and that when we ask, we will always receive.