Many have been writing in to ask about my daily life and what I do each day.

I thought it was a strange question at first but I’m listening to what’s behind it and notice that there’s value in sharing with you via blog what my days look like.

 I think you’ll be relieved to read below that my daily discipline revolves around deepening wellbeing and wisdom, rather than absorbing information and the latest tactics on how to DO life or business the RIGHT way.

So read on below and discover my daily discipline and be uplifted in seeing that you can have a graceful life & business in alignment with your core passions and free from the hustle that so many fall into.


7-8am Waking up:

I wake up super slowly, no buzzing alarms like I had in my day job, jolting my adrenalin filled system to get out of bed and into the rat race.

No 5am starts either in order to “catch the early bird worm”.

For me waking up, like most other things in my life, is a ritual.


8am Meditation:

This is my favourite one by Yogananda

During this med I always ask my wisdom for the message of the day

AND for direction.

This checking in with Self with a capital “S” is where I get my best & simplest way forward.

Coffee: I LOVE real espresso and will drink this with a couple of cookies for breakfast.

This is the typical Italian breakfast and I enjoy this sweet taste to start the day.



 Tidy /Dress:

I like a clean space in which to work and will spend time tidying in the mornings on the days my cleaner isn’t in.

I don’t believe it’s a waste of my time and should instead be focused on “money making activities”, I actually enjoy this clear up and get great ideas hoovering and washing dishes.

I’ll then shower and do make up.

Style is one of my passions so my wardrobes are full and it’ll take me some time to choose what I’m wearing that day.

I usually change twice a day!

I’ve a morning outfit that’s more casual and an afternoon/evening change that’s more dressy.

I’ve ditched the tight, polished look in favour of easy, stylish and comfortable clothes like these below from my favourite boutique.


10am Dog walk in the olive grove:

This is my exercise and where I think about what I want to say to my audience and how I can help my clients more deeply.

Something about getting into nature just instantly drops me out of my habitual ,worried thinking and I hear a lot of ideas in this space.

I get insights in the grove and then post LIVE videos to my FB group right from there.  

When clients join me on retreat here we usually take a walk in the grove to start our coaching conversations.

Walking and Yoga are my go to exercises, no hard pumping workouts nor gyms for me.


12pm: Lunch prep:

I’ll return home and often make a slow cooked sauce to go with fresh pasta for lunch.

I love slow cooked food and Puglia, where I live, is the capital of slow cooking.

I’ll leave the sauce on the hob as I get down to some light business which might mean responding to emails, preparing retreat schedules for clients or marketing a new offer.

Sometimes I simply go for lunch at a local bistro with friends or down by the sea.

3pm Siesta:

After lunch I relax, reflect, digest.

In this time I might listen to videos from my own coaches or former sessions I’ve done where I got a major insight.

I’ll even listen to my own YouTube channel

I use siesta time to settle down and get quiet before my coaching calls or any media interviews commence.

This is my way of grounding, I also find it helps  me digest my lunch and new ideas!

Sometimes, I simply fall asleep and wake up quiet/refreshed and ready to coach.


4pm-7pm: Coaching calls:

I only coach Tue/Wed/Thurs and in the afternoons.

Realizing, that in order to be deeply impactful and not burn myself out, rather stay true to my brand, enjoying a graceful life, I choose to work with only a handful of individual clients.

Sometimes I’ll run a one off group call too, but gone are the days when I was coaching one client after another and not giving space to Self.

In my coaching calls we explore everything from:

How a client can experience a richer, fuller more graceful life to….

Simple ways they can get their business message into the world OR how to handle a relationship that’s causing so much stress and I love to specialize in helping clients transition from a job to their true passions.

It’s a real mix and I love this front row view of my client’s lives, helping them tune into their wisdom, passions and a freedom of mind to finally take action where they are stuck.


7.30pm Aperitivo:


A traditional Italian ritual to close the day.

I’ll either do this with Francesco or friends at home or at a local bar.

Aperitivo comes from the Latin “Aprire” which means TO OPEN.

It’s a way Italians open the appetite by having a glass of Prosecco or Campari spirtz and a few nibbles.

For me it opens the evening more than anything else, closing down the activities and mental energy of the day, it allows me to transition from work mode to life mode and I love the social aspect to this too.


8.30 Dinner:

Whether at home at a  restaurant. I love to sit around a dinner table with friends savouring different tastes and discussing the beauty of life.

A lot of our conversations revolve around planning social events or travel as well as what to watch on Netflix and which new restaurant to try!

I always have a very good glass of local wine or bubbly with whatever I’m eating, gone is my guilty thinking about drinking and enjoying what’s on my plate!


 10.30/11 Bedtime:

All in all, I´ve learned to get comfortable with having more space and time. I once was very stingy with myself around this, but today I see that I can´t help my clients if my days are filled and I´m rushing from one task to the next. 

**The only variable to this routine is if I’m launching something in which case I’ll show up at any time in the day, often using part of my morning space to get promotion underway. The other piece that I didn’t mention is that once a week I’ll usually have massage at lunch time or instead of an aperitivo and twice a week in the morning I’m now enjoying Kundalini yoga as a private session via zoom with my teacher.**

I generally like to be in bed before midnight, I just sleep better.

 What tweaks could you make to your routine to allow for more space, reflection and wisdom to work through you?

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