Happy anniversary my love. ❤️❤️❤️
14 years today since I walked onto that airplane and had the strong since to sit next to you.
I’d been asking my angels for a man I could experience deep love with, also a man who would show me “a whole new world”.
Before boarding the plane to spend Easter in Italy visiting friends , I’d felt butterflies in my stomach , like something wonderful was on the way.
It was.
“Turn around and sit there” my wisdom said as I passed you.
Boy am I glad I listened.
By take off we were holding hands.
I later read that soul mates often have this immediate sense of connection and familiarity.
This was exactly the case.
I’d flown many times but never held another passangers hand!
We later discovered we were on the same flight back to London a week later.
Meeting at the airport again I felt that deep excitement in my stomach.
This time we had aperitivo on the plane, followed by a kiss.
Exchanging numbers as we said goodbye.
The rest is history.
Little did I know we would soon move in together and live in London for another while before deciding to quit the rat race and leave everything behind to move to Italy with our beautiful dog Hachiko.
Little did I know the most incredible lessons of love I would learn as we navigated this new life together.
The beauty that would unfold even through the hard times.
Today I celebrate those 14 years but more importantly than time, I celebrate our love.
It got better and stronger as the years went on, I’m not sure many couples experience that.
I didn’t think I could ever love this deeply or trust anyone this fully and yet you taught me.
Even in your death you’re still teaching me.
Eternal life and eternal love, together forever as ONE.
Happy Anniversary my love.
(Pic of us a few weeks later after meeting)