Dear friends, my heart is aching yet I’m smiling here as I feel Franceco close to me.
I woke up this morning hearing one of his funny stories….
“Happy Meal”
When he went to London he didn’t speak English.
He found a job at Mc Donald’s.
One day a lady left her handbag behind after eating there and came rushing back in shouting
“Has anyone seen my bag”?
Francesco was mopping the floor trying to interpret her panic.
Someone called Franceco for help.
The woman got more frustrated:
” Does anyone in this bloody place speak English”?!
Franceco looked at her with that big smile and said “Happy Meal”?😃
It was the only bit of English he could offer and how very typical of him, to offer something happy in the moment of distress.
Amore Mio ❤️ your stories live on through me now. Xxxxx
I think he was telling my clients this story here in the photo .