You are also his soulmate.
I’ll never forget the day we watched the movie Hachiko.
Francesco stood up from the sofa at the end of the movie and firmly said:
“Right , we’re getting that dog”
He’d never had a dog, I’d grown up with dogs.
In Hachi he found loyalty, love and leadership.
There was a huge bond, still is.
Even now I know Francesco is present by how Hachi moves, becomes alert, responds.
Francesco chose Hachi after much research.
He sold his motorcycle and opted for a car to ensure we could move about with our new dog.
That was a big sacrifice for an Italian in love with his bike!
Hachi became a child in our life.
I know it’s not the same but when you don’t have human kids your animals are your children.
They went everywhere together.
We even gave Hachi his own song, a tune we made up based on the way he walked.
Unfortunately in the true story of Hachiko the owner suddenly died of a heart attack.
Who knew this would be our fate too?
Thankfully Francesco died with both our dogs, meaning they’ve never gone searching for him.
These beautiful, intelligent beings, understand that he’s moved on.
As I walk the beach with them each day I think to myself …
“My god babe, you must have really trusted me to leave me in charge”.
But at the same time I can see that Hachi is taking care of me.
That somehow Fran and him have made an agreement that he must look out for me.
I do my best ….but I’m not fooled that our beautiful boy misses him as much as me.
I’m comforted by the fact that Fran trusted his wisdom to get a dog that day, that I’m not left alone walking this world wondering when we’ll be reunited.
I just have to reach across the sofa or bed and there’s Hachi and Celestino, our two Akitas, reminding me all is OK.❤️❤️