Tonight I had the most beautiful bath/spa experience, in my friend’s home.

A psychic I trust told me I needed to bathe, that my emotions needed water, cleansing, healing.

My friends were only to happy to oblige .
As I looked around their home I realised that they used to live in a small place whilst we lived in a big place.

Now I live in the small place and they live in the big fancy one they always dreamed of.

I felt happy for them.

Their photos adorn the walls of their palazzo.

You see a life well lived for many years as a couple in love.

Their fridge, like their bathroom, is orderly and full of love.

Mine is empty, maybe like my heart.

Their liquor cabinet displays worldly connections.
Tequila gifted by millionaires, whiskey from Ireland, Scotland and further afield.

They are generous friends who protect my best interests and wellbeing.

“Grace it’s time to go”.

Max in his beautiful long black coat, awaiting me outside the church that dreadful day, my escort to Francesco’s funeral.

He walked me up the aisle to what should have been a wedding but instead was an ending.

The rain poured down loudly outside.

Not only my escort but Fran’s close friend, the friend, who above all else , answered my screaming phone call on December 5th, breaking down the door to our big fancy villa and trying to resuscitate the love of my life.

Francesco always insisted he could rely on Max.
A fellow Leo.

In our hour of need I saw the truth in that.

Today I still do.

“Max I need a bath”
“Come over the bath is ready Grace, the candles lit for you”

The display of love is infectious.

In my hour of need my friends still react like family.

No expectations, no exceptions , just displaying pure love.

After my bath I went to text Max on our whassap group.
Wanting to thank him and his wife for their hospitality.

I was struck by the words
” Francesco left”
Dated October 31st.
Yes he did indeed.

It made sense that our group would now be three , all the while knowing he’s still here watching over us and me.❤️