Lovely conversation with a client who just had a baby.
We got exploring about feeling states.
She recognised a feeling of anxiety emerging about her new baby.
She had enough awareness to know that her anxious thinking was making her miss out on the joy of the newborn in front of her.
She had innocently been worrying about losing her child or falling asleep whilst feeding.
I’m not a mum and have no experience in that area but….
A very powerful insight I recently had, came to me to share with her and it helped settle her anxiety down.
I’m sharing with you all.
When I found my darling Francesco dead in our villa in December, I’d think about it over and over and I’d feel my stomach closing up, my heart would begin to palpitate.
I’d get anxious and scared.
Luckily it didn’t take me down into a spiral of anxiety, fear and insomnia.
Because of what I now know:
🌻That thought creates feeling
🌻 That a powerful feeling like anxiety or pain is a friend.
🌻Our friend alerting us that our thinking has dropped way down low.
🌻That what we are feeling has NOTHING to do with the person, the event or the future.
❤️It’s just an indicator that we’re innocently using the gift of thought in an unhelpful way.
Same for my dear client, she was confused her anxiety meant something about her baby or her potentially doing something wrong.
I’ve noticed over and over again that I can see that image of me finding my beloved Francesco and even relive the events of that sad day…. WITHOUT that anxious feeling occurring.
I’m so grateful to know what I know.
To see how divinely made we are.
Hope this might help you today ❤️
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