Essential Selfishness 4 week course

with Mavis Karn & Grace Kelly

Join us to bring your true self to each moment.

sMost of us have been taught that selfishness is a sign of immaturity, insecurity and a disregard for others. There is some truth to that, but there is a kind of selfishness that is necessary for our health and well-being and for our ability to have deep, meaningful interactions and relationships with others, including with ourselves.

Join us for this exploration that will support your wellbeing and allow you to live more in tune with what you really want to do without feeling guilty about it.

Course dates

June 17th, June 24th, July 1st & July 8th

4pm London/11am Nyc , each session is 90mins


Meet Grace & Mavis

Mavis Karn

Mavis Karn, LSW, MA, is in private practice offering coaching, counseling, teaching, education and consulting services. Mavis’ honesty and humble “true north” understanding of the inborn potential of each of us is deeply and broadly respected by clients and colleagues globally. She does no marketing. She works from her home office in Minnesota. She’s the author of a well-known letter to juvenile inmates, The Secret.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is a Transformational Coach helping people realise their deeper potential .Her clients find more peace and enjoyment in their lives as a result.
Formally a French teacher in London, she moved to Italy and started an international coaching business,she’s traveled the world coaching clients and experienced a much more graceful way of doing life & business.