There’s More To Life Than Thinking About Yourself!

An 8-Week group programme with Dr Mark Howard & Grace Kelly.

Join us to uncover a source of strength, self-worth & creative power.

Sydney Banks, the enlightened Scottish welder once said:

“We all have self-esteem if it weren´t for our silly beliefs”

As we look in this direction during our time together you can expect to:


Let go of anxieties and unhappiness that come from thinking you should be different to how you are.

Drop out of habitual judgemental thoughts and silly beliefs that leave you stuck in self-doubt.

Open up to your creative potential as you stop thinking about how you're doing or coming across.

Transcend habitual patterns of insecurity where you’re always concerned about yourself or your wellbeing.

Discover the self-acceptance, compassion and love you´re looking for right now.

Become responsive to the moment, be that in your work or in any challenging situation.

Live in a level of consciousness where you’re not worrying about yourself and others so much.

Stop worrying about yourself and see how well taken care of you are by life.

Have a new relationship to physical symptoms that isn´t plagued with worry.

 Our exploration commences on Sept 13th, a powerful energy to awaken your true worth and strength that is not dependent on improving yourself.

Weekly sessions for up to 90mins with Dr.Mark & Grace at 4pm UK starting Sept 13th for 8 consecutive weeks.


All sessions will be recorded so you do not have to be live to get the full benefit of this programme, in fact many of our clients report huge benefits in listening at their own pace and re-listening to replays at a later stage.