Deep Listening 2 Part Workshop

With Mavis Karn

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Deepen your own ability to listen deeply and share with your clients, colleagues, family and friends!

Mavis Karn will discuss an important lesson she has offered her clients for more than 40 years.

Deep listening gives people the opportunity to begin changing their lives, restore hope, and greatly increase their ability to experience peace and joy and serve others.

Mavis Karn, LSW, MA, is in private practice offering coaching, counseling, teaching, education and consulting services. She published The Myth of Peer Pressure, and a well-known letter to juvenile inmates, The Secret.

Mavis’ honesty and humble “true north” understanding of the principles is deeply and broadly respected by clients and colleagues.

This special two-part workshop recording involves an initial and a follow-up presentation.

This 2 part workshop is facilitated by Transformational Coach, Grace Kelly of and made available for free global distribution as Mavis intends.