We might never understand it and we might all try to avoid it but what I’m learning is that it’s nothing to fear.
A spiritual balm envelopes us in such times.
I remember when Francesco died I felt overcome with this deep love, it carried me for months.
I’d even be surprised at how good I felt ,even now how close we are.
Surely grief should look like……
Mine doesn’t.
Yes, terribly low moments but always followed by the soothing spiritual balm that moves all of us back to wellbeing.
People say time’s the healer or that we need to “process” our grief, as I see it this spiritual balm does the healing for us.
It’s filled with love.
Our only job is to get out of the way and let it work on us.
To all of you experiencing death or loss please know you are protected.
You have this spiritual balm too, you’re made of it and it’s made of you.
Let it work it’s Divine magic on you.