Dear Francesco,
I hear you.
I see your smile everyday.
I experience your wise guidance…
“Don’t take life so seriously babe!”
You were always having fun.
Sometimes I was jealous of how easy going you could be, meanwhile I felt the world on my shoulders.
Now I see that you just lived in a feeling of well-being.
You just lived in your true nature.
The rest of us try to “get there”.
You just lived it.
This was the greatest life’s lesson you gave me.
You could just BE when I felt the need to DO.
As a result you helped me relax.
Your way of being just brought me into mine.
Your smile softened my seriousness.
Now when I feel heavy, serious, lost, I see that smile.
I feel your true nature and I REMEMBER , “Don’t take it so seriously Grace”.
Thank You for being the best Teacher in the world, the best example any woman could ever have.
You’ve left me in this world better and fuller and easier than before.
Enjoy the afterlife, I know your sailing and cycling and kayaking there and wait for me , in no time I’ll be with you and we shall be together soon.
I ❤️you always.