Dear Francesco,
I took Cele on our favorite walk today in the olive groves.
He still runs all the way up the hill to eat those nuggets left for the homeless dogs!
I remember this used to drive you crazy.
There’s so much traffic now on that country lane that I’m going to have to keep him on the lead, which he hates.
I went to your Aunt and Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary recently.
It was really beautiful, at times I felt alone and awkward but they really wanted me there and embraced with all the love you always gave.
Don’t worry Cele stayed with Maurizio that day, he’s a good guy in the end, thanks for sending him my way.
I try not to compare him to you and instead just be in the moment.
It’s been a healing balm, the company of a nice man.
Becky is coming to do a photoshoot soon.
I’m obsessing about my weight but I’m getting healthier each day, even started yoga again!
Gosh that really is my thing….
I see your bike team about town a lot , I bet you go riding alongside them.
They changed the uniform and have your name written on the new one, it’s navy blue, your best colour.
Anyway gotta go now, just letting you know what we’re up to, as if you need told!
Keep the miracles coming, you’re CEO of my Spiritual Team now, I know you work endlessly to meet my prayers and requests but sure you wouldn’t let anyone else do the job would you?