I asked for Francesco to show up in my dream last night.
Before awaking at 2am I was dreaming that I was on a bus driving along the coast and the seat next to me was occupied with folders and documents and worldly things.
It was pretty messy.
It felt heavy , like the people on the bus wanted me to deal with the mess but I had no interest.
Suddenly my gaze was directed out the window where running alongside us was a beach ablaze with the sun setting in red and pink hues.
Along the beach were the most elegant and most dazzling pink flamingos!
I was awestruck at the beauty.
The FEELING was alive.
My gaze flipped between the worldly plane of admin that was messy sitting next to me and the beauty of this sight that revealed pure order and heavenly love.
The FEELING I woke up in was incredibly peaceful and loving.
Then I heard Francesco say : Focus on the beauty.
What an incredible dream and to be reminded that WE choose where we put our attention.
On the mess and chaos of the worldly plane or on the beauty and order of the dazzling light.
Hope this helps you today.
Thanks to Vicki Johnson for this photo.